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How to choose a high quality led strip light (1)


There is all kinds quality and price for led strip light in the market , so how to choose a high quality led strip light ? as a china led strip light supplier help you to distinguish this products:

1.From PFC

The PFC has 2 kinds :Rolled copper and laying copper plate.the rolled copper is better. the PFC has double-sided board and single sided board, the double side is better for cooling offer the led strip light with rolled copper with double-sided board , with Outstanding bending proof performance.

double-sided board PFC

double-sided board PFC

2.LED chip.

there are many brand of led chip , the epistar is the Taiwan chip , we also use this chip.for5050 led chip have 3 chips and 1 chip , supply 5050 3 chips led strip light, it will brighter than 1 chip , and have longer lifespan.For 3 chip , if one of chip doesn’t work , the whole led chip is can light up.while 1 chip , if one donesn’t work , the whole led can’t light up.

3 chip led

3 chip led

Today , About how to choose a high quality led strip light , we will talking 2 points , and there also many points , let’s contiun tomorrow.

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