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2012 LED Packaging Industry In China Reached 39.7 Billion Yuan

By: DeRun   Views:4276   Date: 07/01-2013

The upstream LED epitaxial chip industry scale reached 72 billion yuan, representing an increase of 20% compared with $ 60 billion in 2011, mainly due to the period 2010-2012, the LED chip average price declined by more than 60% of.

Midstream: 2012 LED packaging industry in China reached 39.7 billion yuan, an increase of 24% compared with 32 billion yuan in 2011. 2012 China’s LED lighting white packaged devices average price decrease of more than 30%. The rapid decline in prices of packaged devices, prompting packaging companies to develop high-profit, applications demand products.

Downstream: 2012 LED application industry in China reached 159 billion yuan, an increase of 37%. LED application on the middle and lower reaches of the fastest growing part of the industry chain. China has become the world’s leading LED application products production base, in addition to large-size LED backlight products, in 2012 more than 65% of the world production of LED application products in China.

Recently, the U.S. UL organization is working to develop a series of LED products safety assessment standards. Export trade encountered technical barriers in the lighting industry is not uncommon, it is undoubtedly the following under the pressure of RMB appreciation, export tax rebates, the prices of raw materials, and many other export another serious blow.

LED lamps in China due to a big gap between the developed countries on the quality and international export surviving worries. All along, China LED dominant in the product package still lags far behind Europe and the United States and other developed countries, but in terms of product development and chip manufacturing. LED high-end products are produced in Taiwan, China and Japan, Europe and America.

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