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LED Engineering Research Institute

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The report released the LED Engineering Research Institute (GLII), 2012 Chinese mainland chip output value of enterprises is only 51 billion yuan, an increase of only 6%. Exclude new production or exit the number of enterprises, the 2012 output value year-on-year increase in the number of firms to 13, accounting for 37%; number of enterprise output fell to 22, accounting for 63%.

Part of the chip companies in order to avoid price wars and low profit margins, willing to sacrifice capacity release rate as consideration. In addition, the chip companies busy for vertical integration.

BDO Runda layout of the whole industry chain mode, the end of last year Wuhu-based LED chip operating at only about five percent. Chairman of sliding, the plight of the industry slow rate of MOCVD place, can reduce production losses, waiting for the industry to pick up the timing.

It is worth noting that the transfer to the lighting, LED display has quietly begun, which is attributed to the LED display market has become increasingly saturated, outdoor advertising and new business model is still in the exploratory period, many companies is a last resort.

The same time, Silan Azure, HC SemiTek,, including many display chip manufacturers as the main business, increase the input in the production of lighting white regarded as a priority. Silan Azure intends to use the production capacity from the current 1400kk / month to expand to the end of the 2000kk / month, lighting chip revenue grew from 20% to 30% -40%.