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By: DeRun   Views:7073   Date: 06/27-2013

High-Tech Park in Ho Chi Minh City in early April 2011, issued investment certification signed cut to more suppliers Kim Dinh Green and Korean vendors Fawoo Technology $ 12.3 million joint venture to set up factories in the region, the development and production of the people’s livelihood and industrial LED lamps, a joint venture party colleagues,Results funded shield SHTP13 billion for research and development of biotechnology and training personnel.

SHTP said that the investment plan is a new energy industry, in line with the Government to promote more renewable energy industry development plan priority investment projects.

The SHTP the first quarter of 2011 increased to absorb the four investment projects, total registered capital of $ 77.6 million, including HPT (information and communication technologies), Amvibiotech (biotechnology), Vietnam Oil and Gas In titute (NAMI), and Fktech (energy).

Ho Chi Minh City currently has nearly 11 million public lighting light bulbs and 110,000 civil built light bulbs. Municipal government this year, although successively eliminated from the new public lighting and power-saving measures such as installing electronic ballast (Ballast), but every year still have to pay Rp 120 billion electricity and about 250 billion rupiah maintenance costs, Quy Nhon City in central Binh Dinh Province, the provincial government has the first in 2006, investment in the development of energy-saving public lighting systems, considerable success.

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