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LED Lighting Demand In The Market Is Still In A Weak Position And How Universal Application To The Family As The Focus Of The Industry

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Compared with the traditional lighting industry, LED lighting demand in the market is still in a weak position and how universal application to the family as the focus of the industry, in the April 25 opening of the Beijing International Lighting Fair, chairman of the China Illuminating Engineering Society Xuhuai that the future development of the industry lies in the green, energy saving, environmental protection three key points. Conform to the national energy conservation policy direction, LED products to adapt to the needs of the public, to meet future industrial development an important part of the home lighting needs.

Healthy development of industry is inseparable from the stereotypes of mature technology and product standards emerging LED lighting industry and technology develop rapidly, its to bring detection technology standard-setting common problem; Currently, LED lighting, LED display, LED backlight applications semiconductor lighting industry is still not a complete LED lighting products standard system, but many local standards; LED lighting products “national standard” is a common theme. May 9, LED lighting product standards and technical seminars will be held in Guangzhou will promote the formulation of relevant standards or reference to the healthy development of the LED industry, Furthermore, the establishment of the LED lighting industry access threshold for changing the existing The industry chaos competition will provide favorable conditions.

Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau announced the province’s fire (fire emergency lighting) special product quality supervision and inspection results, substandard products found was 25%. In 2012, the Bureau of Guangdong Province, fire protection products supervision and inspection results show that fire emergency lighting product sampling batch failure rate of 11.4%. This indicates that, with the flourishing industry of fire emergency lights, fire emergency lights quality not fall but rise.Fire emergency lights is the most common one in the fire emergency lighting, emergency for a long time, high brightness, Automatic power-off emergency functions. It is suitable for factories, shops, hotels, schools, units and other public places to prepare for power outages for emergency lighting purposes. General fire emergency lights can be divided into emergency lighting lights and signs.

After several spot checks data analysis, fire emergency lighting the main problems: First, the use of the disabled battery. Mainly as nickel-cadmium batteries replaced with lead-acid batteries, reducing the number of batteries, and reduce battery rated voltage, which will directly lead to reduced battery life, not enough illumination, power supply mainly the time, but because of its low price, part of the production enterprises to reduce costs, increase profits, using standard shall not use lead-acid batteries; the shell material non-compliance. The vast majority of fire-resistant high-temperature conditions below. Luminaire enclosure shall be non-combustible material, and spot checks to emergency lighting majority of thermoplastic plastic lamp housing and light scattering plate, heat easily deformation melted, the lamp can not provide the expected protection; Third, over-discharge and overcharge protection circuit unqualified. Main part of the production companies to reduce the amount of electronic components and circuit boards inside the fire emergency lighting simplified or over-discharge and overcharge protection circuit is set, resulting in products because there is no protection circuit itself become the source of the fire; Fourth The state of emergency surface brightness failed.