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LED Lighting Market In Europe Next Five Years The Compound Annual Growth Rate Of 38%

By: DeRun   Views:4844   Date: 06/26-2013

2012 the global LED architectural lighting market size of approximately $ 3.191 billion, accounting for approximately 29% of the proportion of the overall LED lighting market, with Europe as the main market and approximately 35% of the total global LED architectural lighting market, the market size of $ 1.12 billion. The survey data also show that the LED lighting market in Europe next five years, the compound annual growth rate of 38%, under a fast-growing mature market after Japan, architectural lighting and commercial lighting applications because consumers are less price sensitive, LED lighting to accept a high degree of popularity of the fastest.

Due to the characteristics of LED light colors, so that European countries are willing to invest more funds in the promotion of cultural and tourism value of the lighting design to attract more tourists. TrendForce said that in the past, the use of LED RGB and ColorLED, as the main color, 2011 LED supply demand too ambitious architectural lighting lighting high power white LED ASP annual rate of 35% to 40% price reduction on the market manufacturers, has improved the acceptance of the white LED 2011 white LED has more than 40% of the proportion of construction applications. White white luminous efficiency of rapid improvement, as well as the rapid price is expected to start in 2013 will replace the LED RGB / Color as the main building color.

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