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The Fire Emergency Lighting In The Fire Can Play Its Due Role Should Pay Close Attention

By: DeRun   Views:4855   Date: 05/24-2013

Table brightness, fire emergency led lighting state of emergency that emergency lighting lighting and evacuation direction indicator on how well qualified or not will be a direct result of the fire emergency lighting can play a retreat for evacuation purposes of guarantee; Fifth protection device failed. Some fuse and protection devices. Fire emergency lighting is switched on for a long time on the main power supply, such as the lines are short-circuit or overload, unprotected device could easily lead to damage of the lamps. Therefore, the fire emergency lighting in the fire can play its due role, should pay close attention.

In recent years, the fire emergency lights industry ups and downs. Coupled with the current fire emergency light industry threshold is low, and the standard disorderly basically what companies can be flocking, resulting in the industry’s chaotic, but also makes a lot of led companies are beginning to speculative operations, and speculation in many ways. Some small factories, strict quality control, so holding earn it is a little idea, shoddy, relying on low-quality low-cost competition to earn market share. So has a great impact on the market, also caused by the normal production of enterprises had a certain impact, while the normal production of enterprises is a dilemma because of the behavior of these speculators. These speculators not only undermined the reputation of the domestic fire emergency lighting industry, China’s fire emergency lights industry in the international left a bad impression.

Insiders pointed out that a considerable part of the manufacturer just made some detection of the appearance and the like, in order to check payable to the relevant departments, stock clearance of raw materials in the production process, processing off, off of the assembly process, factory testing off an important part of checks not strict, even a mere formality; Some manufacturers lack the necessary testing equipment, individual or even no testing equipment, especially those small-scale production, just getting started in the business of fire protection products, the enterprise quality consciousness, lack of production technology, management experience, unable to produce a qualified and excellent product; Some manufacturers blind pursuit of economic efficiency, to do everything possible to reduce product cost, just to cheap for the quality of key components, parts, and what is more, to achieve low-cost, deliberately reduce the relevant parts of the technical standards, resulting in poor quality fire emergency lighting into the market. Also occurred with the requirements of the development of the industry, technical conditions change, when the state introduced a new industry technical standards prescribed time, many companies because there is no implementation of the new standards, or continue with the old technology to produce, resulting in today’s products replacement of the slow pace of meeting market demand.

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