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The First LED Lighting Union Standards As Nanhai District

By: DeRun   Views:5243   Date: 06/01-2013

Recently, the reporter learned from the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau official website, the first LED lighting Union standards as Nanhai District, LED spotlights Union standards been reviewed. In addition, there are “LED bulb, LED Corn Light two Union standards being drafted developed.

This reporter has learned, LED spotlights Union standards, help Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. in Foshan City, take the lead, Nanhai District, together with a number of LED lighting standards Alliance jointly drafted. For this Union standards, the relevant review authority, the standard reference to the relevant national standards and Guangdong Province benchmark system spotlights indicators, reflecting the South China Sea, LED spotlight features of the product and industry level.

It is reported that in August last year by the Standardization Research and Promotion Center of the South China Sea area, the joint area of the District Association of Electric Light Source 10 LED lighting backbone enterprises form the Union of Nanhai District, LED lighting standards.

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