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The Following Mandatory Requirements To Enter The EU LED Lighting Products

By: DeRun   Views:6877   Date: 07/02-2013

The threshold set by the U.S. and European markets

The following mandatory requirements to enter the EU LED lighting products, such as: CE-LVD main detection of LED lamps Low Voltage Directive; CE-EMC test EMC Directive, the main consideration of LED lighting products in the access to the public grid, the surrounding charged appliance interference and anti-jamming capability; another in order to achieve real environmental, ROHS, rEACH, ERP for environmental indicators, and energy consumption indicators of the chemical test.

In addition, for the majority of buyers, more than a few standard still seems insufficient to standard, especially for high-end buyers, the German GS mark, and German Sambo (PAHS + Phthalate + NP) is recognized for the quality of products. Even with the GS mark and Germany Sambo higher prices, more welcomed by the buyers and consumers in the market.

LED lamps in the North American market, the same has been widely welcomed and pay close attention to. The ensuing technical requirements has become increasingly stringent. In addition to meet the electrical safety, also need to meet the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility and power consumption.

LED lamps certification requirements and signs for safety regulations NRTL certification for electromagnetic compatibility may FCC certification, as well as for the energy consumption requirements the EnergyStar (Energy Star). LED lighting products must meet a variety of requirements for the technical indicators to buyers of all ages in the North American market.

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