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The Semi-annual Report Of The LED Sector Listed Companies Has Been Released Is Completed

By: DeRun   Views:6419   Date: 05/27-2013

As of today, the semi-annual report of the LED sector listed companies has been released is completed, many companies continue to maintain its pre-IPO growth in the number of newly listed companies, some listed the results of a year-on-year decline, which the GEM Listing LED is particularly prominent. See from Changing Faces duration and decline, Jiawei Shares, South Photoelectric and the HC SemiTek three GEM Company has successfully nominated list.

1, Jiawei shares – the biggest Teng “Face Wang” in the first

Number of LED enterprises in the market this year, the performance face amplitude is the GEM IPO Jiawei shares Guotai Junan sponsored, May 11, Jiawei visit the capital market shares, the issue price of 11 yuan, to close at 8.18 yuan yesterday.

Semi-annual report shows, by major customers to reduce the impact of orders, results of operations compared to the same period last year dropped significantly during the reporting period achieved operating income of 208 million yuan, down 54.63% over the same period last year; net profit of 3,349,100 yuan, representing a decrease of 94.21% over the same period last year. This performance was the largest decline in newly listed companies in the first half of the year performance forecast released Jiawei Shares “deserved” new performance “fade king.

Jiawei shares, due to the impact of the 2011 hurricane weather, the U.S. retailer sales fell short of expectations during the second half of 2011 to the first half of 2012, the major retailers in the digestion process of inventory, and out of prudence,U.S. retailers to adjust the minimum inventory levels, significantly reduce the procurement of the reporting period, a direct result of reduced sales volume in the first half of the year, net profit up sharply down; However, with the major customer destocking process tends to be the end of the second half of the yearorder demand is expected to gradually return to normal.

The reporters found that in checking Jiawei shares prospectus has been revealed that 2011 Annual Report, the prospectus Quesihaowei mentioned to hurricane weather may impact its results, and the mere mention of the risk of concentration of sales area, during the reporting period Jiawei shares revenue from North America led market accounted for the proportion of main business income of 98.28%, 98.77% and 91.73%, respectively.

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