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When night fell, the soft lighting from LED cylindrical panel light shone through the brackets of the China Pavilion, the red "Oriental Crown" set off a more male beauty and grandeur.Cities in energy…View More
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Nowadays, technological development, energy consumption is relatively increased, we have to reduce carbon emissions subconscious, take good care of the Earth we have grown, countries warming is one o…View More
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LED lamps in China main export markets in Europe, Asia and North America. In 2012, China's LED lamps export the three continents of Asia, Europe and North America the sum of close to 90% of global ex…View More
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LED bulb is the advantages of the following aspects(2): 1, long life more than 50,000 hours, 50 times more than traditional incandescent light. LED highly reliable state-of-the-art packaging technol…View More
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Application for CQC mark certification, if the product is within the range of the CCC mandatory product certification directory, must be certified through the CCC, CCC is not within the scope of the …View More
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The domestic sales of LED products including CQC mark certification and CCC the two compulsory certification, testing and certification by the China Quality Certification Center (CQC). LED road light…View More
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Exported to the North American market certification UL, ETL, FCC and the ENERGY STAR (Energy Star) and several LED road lighting products UL certified reference UL8750 or UL60950, UL1598 standards, E…View More
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"GB" pinyin abbreviation constitute the Number sequence number and the National Institute of Standards published by the National Institute of Standards Code, National Institute of Standards released …View More
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NVC blocked billion light and other LED brand events to the LED lighting business three revelations: traditional lighting business transformation LED lighting on the edge in the channel is reflected …View More
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Product Strategy: mid-and high-power "wings to fly" Samsung LEDTV the global occupy the high market share, no doubt Samsung LED backlight penetration has played an indelible role. Tang Guoqing told …View More
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