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A New Type Of LED Lights Has Been Developed Successfully

By: DeRun   Views:6578   Date: 07/24-2018

Recently, China Taiwan, China mainland and Mexico an R & D team has successfully developed a new type of LED lights, it can reduce the light pollution generated by the street light. It is reported that 20% of the LED lights used in the market, which comes out of the light are of light pollution, new study out this LED lights can reduce this value to 2%.

The American Astronomical Society of New Jersey, outdoors, about 30% of the light is irradiated to do not need lighting, this light leakage caused adverse nature – the birds, feel the lights in the night confused, need the night sky guiding turtle lost its way go to the sea, there are many other animals sleep patterns have also been destroyed.

The new LED lights will reduce these effects on nature. According to reports, this lamp can also be adapted to a variety of environments. R & D team members Ching-ChengSun now used by people of the street its design applies only to areas of high traffic volume, but does not apply to other areas. He said the new LED lights can change this situation, in a variety of environmental conditions.

New LED In addition to the reduction of light pollution, it also has a function to reduce energy consumption. Sun said that they will be completed in 3-6 months time this street lamp prototype development work, and I hope next year to put into production.

Security dimmer Wei Wuzi invented in 1890, greatly inspired the people’s desire to explore the curiosity of dimming and dimming technology, and the the 1961 Joel Pila invention solid-state dimmer as the key of the Pandora’s Boxfor us to open the door in the field of dimming, dimming in our lives start to get longer out of reach.

The latest beautiful HUMOLED Loi Aurora Series LED bulb, equipped with pulse width modulation dimming technology (PWM), able to show the range of 1% to 100% of any precise dimming value, the light gradient is smooth and delicate, to achieve a true jump type of continuous dimming effect. Strong compatibility with all commercially available TRIAC dimmer perfect match. PWM technology, making in the field of LED lighting dimming understanding and application of a new beyond, will usher in a new era – stepless dimming era with the segmented dimming become a thing of the past.

Aurora Series LED bulb is a beautiful Levin HUMOLED of painstaking research and development and professional lighting design for crystal lighting class 320 ° ultra-wide light angle, color rendering index up to 85,300 lm of luminous flux, light color pure total power of up to 4.5W CREE packaged chip, more than 50,000 hours long life and PWM dimming technology configuration cast to become the undisputed high-quality image. 2700K warm white color temperature of 4000K natural white two can meet different lighting requirements in work and life, with the help of conventional dimmers to create a comfortable and pleasant lighting atmosphere.

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