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A Technology In The World For The First Time Via The Internet (cloud) To Control The LED Lighting System

By: DeRun   Views:6938   Date: 05/27-2013

Have to say, the Japanese concern aspects of daily life, often come up with some fresh ideas. Recently, Tokyo, Japan, a lighting company launched a named NetLED technology, said the technology in the world for the first time via the Internet (cloud) to control the LED lighting system.

Basically, the technology includes a LED light dimmer module and WiFi connectivity module, as well as Net LED lights. Family lighting system is connected via WiFi, the user can remote computer, mobile phone or tablet to be adjusted independently for each a NetLED light. The per NetLED life of approximately 40,000 hours.

Manufacturers plan will be formally introduced to the market on 20 February this technology. There is no doubt that the ideas contained in the technology will be the future trend of the times. Now it seems that high prices will likely hinder the development of the technology: one used to connection NetLED light-based WiFi router will be $ 260, and also $ 180 a Net LED light.

The speed of light is the dream of people can not match, but the light, but people can control the weapon. Edinburgh College of Engineering, Professor Haas prophecy: The lamp may be used for wireless networks shortly after. In fact, the imaginative professor has been achieved by an ordinary bulb data transmission, the potential speed of more than 10 megabits per second.

Haas a small microchip installed to ordinary LED bulbs for the lamp to signal transmission function. A small bulb wireless network formed. As long as you turn on the lights in the room, Internet connection. In a speech, Haas shows a table lamps use LED lights to the table below Receiver Propagation data. Just put your hand in the beam, the video signal will be transmitted to the screen behind him, once the blocking signal will stop playing. Haas will call this device “LightFidelity” (referred to as Li-Fi), can be used to transmit wireless data from the TV band “white space” or unused satellite signals, it can be applied to hospitals, airports, military, and even in water. In theory, the aircraft passengers can take advantage of the the cabin light emitted signal to surf the Internet.

Haas, radio waves, there are many limitations, they are relatively rare, expensive and only a determined band. These limitations make it unable to keep up with the pace of high-speed wireless data transmission, affect the transmission efficiency. Just part of the electromagnetic spectrum, the visible spectrum space is 10,000 times the radio waves, used worldwide bulb 40 billion, with higher efficiency. Any light is a potential data transfer source In my opinion, the potential applications of this technology beyond our imagination, we have to do is for all potential lighting device installed microchip linked, lighting and data transmission together. ”

40 billion light bulbs on the planet, instead of the millions of existing wireless base station signals, LED bulbs per lamp can be turned into a network signal transmitter, energy-saving, high efficiency, environmental protection and convenience. As long as the light place, there is a network signal, to control the light era, wireless communications more magical and wonderful.

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