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Basic Knowledge Of LED Lighting

By: DeRun   Views:4938   Date: 05/20-2013

1.LED Lighting Type:

Home lighting configuration and requirements:
(1) living room:
The main light, LED downlight, LED ceiling spotlights, LED illuminated painting light, LED lamp, LED floor lamp, LED lamps, LED lights outline LED interior lighting pictures.

(2)The  Restaurant:
The LED chandelier meal LED, according to art lights, LED lamp.

(3) Bedrooms:
Bedroom LED lights, LED lamp, LED mirror front lamps, bedside LED desk lamp, LED night light.

(4)The study:
LED chandelier, LED ceiling lamps, LED lamps.

(5) Children’s room:
Bedroom LED lamp, LED chandelier, LED lamp, LED lamp, LED eye protection desk lamp, LED night light.

(6)The Bathroom:
Waterproof LED wall lamp, LED waterproof dome light, LED mirror front lamps, LED night light.

(7)The Kitchen:
LED the kitchen ceiling lamps, LED Cabinet Light.

(8)Balcony: LED Ceiling.

2. Mall LED lighting and LED lighting hotel:
LED downlights, LED spotlights LED dimming light LED lamp LED fluorescent LED Ceiling Light, LED chandelier LED bedside lamp, LED floor lamp, LED lamps, LED lamp, LED night lights.

3.Entertainment, office lighting:
LED spotlights, LED lamp cup, LED ceiling lamp, LED downlight, LED fluorescent lamp, LED ceiling lamp, LED wall lamp.

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