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CIE Standard Colorimetric System

By: DeRun   Views:6290   Date: 05/20-2013

The CIE chromaticity system is based on the colored light of the three primary colors RGB prevail, X, Y, Z tristimulus values ??to calculate the light reflected from an object and the color matching function, any color can be made ??by the RGB color mixing, and then through the instrument measuring the spectral radiant energy and the reflectance values??, you can calculate the XYZ tristimulus values??.

By the principle of the three-color theory, any color can be red, green, and blue primary colors are mixed in different proportions to get. However, given a color, how the proportion of the three primary colors can re-emerged in the color, and this proportion is only a problem to be solved, only solves these problems, in order to give a complete with RGB to define the color scheme.

Color matching experiments:
Two color adjusted to the same visual method called color matching, color matching experiments shade add color to achieve. On a white screen, the projected upward red R, green G, blue B, the three primary colors of light, light color C as held below the upper half of the three primary colors of light irradiating white screen, the the pending color light irradiation White screen the lower half, white top and bottom of the screen two parts separated by a black stopper screen, the light reflected from the white screen through the aperture for arrival on the right observer’s eye. Field of view of the human eye to see about 2 °, is divided into two parts. In this experimental apparatus, a range of color matching experiment. Until the color light by adjusting the intensity of the top of the three primary colors mixed to form a mixed light color of the light color of the color light with three primary colors of light, when the same visual field of the two partial shade, to achieve color matching. Different color to be three primary colors of light brightness light the match.

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