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Green Light As A High-end Brand And Beautiful HUMOLED Loi While Demanding Top Quality And State-of-the-art Technology

By: DeRun   Views:5420   Date: 05/25-2013

Green light as a high-end brand, beautiful HUMOLED Loi while demanding top quality and state-of-the-art technology, with particular emphasis on product applications. Each developing a product for focus on long-term emphasis on functionality the transcendence and style of fashion, showing superior performance and effect, but also for the living space decorated elements. Fit the livable style with simple needs, invisible for you to create elegant bearing and excellent lifestyle.

ACME, a company specializing in the production of entertainment and stage LED lighting equipment manufacturers, once again extended its product categories, introduced two both outstanding value for money and a good quality of new light staining, showing a powerful beam effects, the original eye-catching gorgeous visual feast. Both lamps in the same dimensions and weight, the difference is that the use of different LED light source, differentiated beam angle and luminous flux, easy to create a different stage atmosphere. CW-150 7 10W four-color (4-in-1) LED light source and a 10 ° beam angle, and unique blending effect and strong beam and dyeing effect; CW-108 by 36 3W RGBW LED light source, this section lamps environmental protection and energy conservation, while creating strong brilliant beam effects. CW-150 and CW-108 is the best choice for leasing, clubs, bars, discos, parties and fashion shows and other places.

CW-150 and CW-108 has 3 operating modes DMX, Master / Slave, Sound active, fully meet the different needs of customers. Master / Slave mode, thanks to ACME R & D center of the latest high-level lighting technology developed amazing built-in program, these two lamps are started by the sound. Exceptional optical system guarantees a strong flux, while ensuring that even in the context of the light cast long distances, is still able to render the high purity of color and brightness diminished. The overall quality of the built-in program performance, the DMX channel modes with a variety of optional 4/5/7 channel.

CW-150 staining light for professional stage and entertainment lighting and other places

CW-150 by 7 10W-four color (4) LED light source, and excellent color mixing effects and the strong beam and dyeing effect. High-quality optical system provides a powerful luminous flux of up to 2400lm, 5m, combined with 10 ° angle of light, the CW-150 than other similar products more atmosphere. The full dimming 0 to 100% and the variable speed stroboscopic so that the CW-150 fully meet various requirements. CW-150 a very small size and lighter weight, making it simpler and easier installation and management easier, allowing users to remove the worries. CW-150 in the professional arena and entertainment lighting industry, widely praised by users.

CW-108 staining light for professional stage and led spotlight places.

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