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LED Energy Saving Lamps Design Theory

By: DeRun   Views:4607   Date: 05/18-2013

The the the emergence of of the LED to break the the the design method of of the traditional light sources with the train of thought, There are currently two the latest design concepts.
1.Mood lighting: based on the needs of the environment to design lighting. Scenario lighting in order to the spaces as the starting point, is designed to create a beautiful, brilliant lighting environment, to go heighten the scene effect, and are make itself felt for atmosphere of there is a scene.
2: Is based on the needs of people mood lighting design lighting. The emotional of the is people-of the mood lighting as the starting point, from the the people of the point of view in to go to to create a a the-like of Yijing in lighting environment. Mood lighting consists of four aspects: First, environmental protection and energy saving, healthy, intelligent, four user-friendly.
The “mood lighting book” is the the China has been the of books of the the trend of the LED lighting design the the first embodiment of the present to lead the, breaking the design theory long-term by foreign giants will monopolize the market, so that that the application of of the LED easier to-made ??for the the market need to. Mood lighting design concept to share with you contribute to hope that more experts and scholars, designers participate in the discussion and recommendations.
LED discrete and integrated in two packages. LED discrete devices belong to the traditional package, widely used in various areas, after 40 years of development, has formed a series of forms of mainstream products. Chip integrated COB module belongs to a personalized package, mainly for cases of product design and production, has not yet formed a form of mainstream products.

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