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LED Lighting Companies In The Channels On The Active Layout Has Given Rise To The Traditional Lighting Companies Enough Attention

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NVC blocked billion light and other LED brand events to the LED lighting business three revelations: traditional lighting business transformation LED lighting on the edge in the channel is reflected not only in the complete and thorough dealer system, the dealer strong control worthy of our LED lighting business to learn; LED lighting companies in the channel construction, can not be over-rely on traditional lighting distributors, in conjunction with LED lighting features, the establishment of traditional lighting, LED stores, lighting stores, electricity supplier support multi-channel system, and the positive development to develop their own dealer system. With the continuous development of LED lighting, and all enterprises of the channel lighting compete for increasingly fierce, LED lighting companies in the channels on the active layout has given rise to the traditional lighting companies enough attention: on the one hand to consolidate the existing channel dominance, on the one hand, to defense the invasion of the LED lighting business-to-own dealer system, inhibit its development in the consumer end.

With the dramatic fall in prices of LED lighting products, LED general lighting era of universal coverage will gradually come. According to the latest LED bulbs retail price survey shows, the LED bulb price of each regional market in the world in March 2013 showed a stable downward trend the global replace 40W LED bulbs retail average price decline of 3.9%, while the to replace 60W LED bulbs global average fell 6.5% especially in the Chinese market price of local brands bulb replace 40W goods component continue to maintain low prices. Spread with energy-saving fluorescent getting closer, the tendency of consumers to choose more energy-efficient LED lights to further enhance, LED lighting will accelerate the market penetration.

However, while LED lighting products to accelerate market penetration, while diverse, flooded with low-cost low-quality product quality and frequent outbreaks of scandal, serious impact on the consumer recognition of the LED, hindering the popularity of LED lighting products.Low quality, poor compatibility: LED lighting market to accelerate the penetration behind the crisis

“At present, the LED public lighting, commercial lighting market prospects in the field, there may be more than 10% of the 2013 market penetration, civil lighting may be relatively weak, but it was enough to support the entire market recovery, public lighting, commercial lighting together accounted for about 70% of the entire market. “Upgrade Strategies Conference in Zhongshan LED lighting quality, the Philips Lumileds Asia, Marketing Director Zhou Xuejun said.

The first quarter of this year, with the EU total ban on the sale of incandescent, LED lighting export market demand momentum of rapid growth, on the other hand, the public lighting market in the country, continue to promote, Guangdong Province, to promote public lighting most fiery. This year is the “Guangdong Province to promote the use of LED lighting products embodiment of” the implementation of year, it is expected that in 2013 more than 1.1 million newly installed LED street, setting off a new round of the popularization and application of boom.