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The Following Conclusions Can Be Drawn There Is No Absolute High-end Customers And The Only Cost-effective Products

By: DeRun   Views:5612   Date: 06/21-2013

Application for CQC mark certification, if the product is within the range of the CCC mandatory product certification directory, must be certified through the CCC, CCC is not within the scope of the product through the first detection of the corresponding national or industry safety and electromagnetic compatibility safety standards.

Recently visited a number of LED display enterprises, through horizontal comparison of the price at home and abroad display market price of space from low to high comparison. The following conclusions can be drawn, there is no absolute high-end customers, the only cost-effective products.

LED display in accordance with the use of the environment can be divided into indoor, outside, semi-outdoor three semi-outdoor products is relatively low-end is basically a single color of the world; Room shielding shipments is P10, P16 which two, The industry still can not break through the smaller spacing and reliability, productivity reached P10, P16 similar display of this product on the market so outdoor screen P10 is still the mainstream product. The industry inside to do outdoor P10, P16 this (2) the most advantageous price Shiyan A we understand about heart. Most of the indoor screen price point how much money, indoor screen in 3528 appears after just five years time prices, technical precipitation, P5, P6 become the market mainstream. The previous three years, or 8 Esau market, behind with the LED lamp brightness increases, prices fell into a 16 sweep the market. Continued to decline along with the decline in prices, profits, companies are fighting for their market rely on the amount of walking to survive, the industry, which a large number of product homogeneity serious price war continues to heat up, every year a large number of unknown and well-known business failures. To sell the indoor module civilization and the industry as a whole is the Shiyan B. It is mentioned that the two companies because their entire domestic markets outside the huge environmental impact. We can imagine if these two companies are fighting foreign trade brand, the price with the domestic and foreign trade prices than domestic, only to earn the money of the tax rebate will not lose money. Also profitable foreign markets is bound to become like domestic market is now worse. That time there will be a large number of trading companies, small and medium-sized screen plant to close down the cause of countless people. Day of listed companies will be sad exception. Conventional products of the project because, after all, occupy most of the market.

Following several differences between conventional screen products, first stage rental screen, the screen of the use requirements of the box structure than conventional box complex configuration above also advanced a lot, the price is certainly high. Strength is not strong manufactures this product will be some difficulty; followed by curtain screen, in fact, the original inventor of this product may have not thought become so many tricks. Its unique appearance and performance, this product is particularly suitable for high-rise buildings in coastal areas. This product was derived out of the screen called “curtain”, referred to the screen for a long period of time is not clear why it is called the “curtain”, the latter learned from customers saying “Why do you like to dig holes in the screen, I really do not understand.

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