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The Laser Light Guide Plate Has A Broader Application Space

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When night fell, the soft lighting from LED cylindrical panel light shone through the brackets of the China Pavilion, the red “Oriental Crown” set off a more male beauty and grandeur.Cities in energy-saving lighting energy management company executive vice president Zhang A King is one of the China Pavilion landscape lights designer, he told reporters in the China Pavilion End lighting solutions, is the co-ordination of the results of traditional metal halide light source and LED energy-saving light source , it should be said that played a good aesthetic effect. In the design and actual use, whether it is a designer, or lighting producers, have found that the laser light guide plate has a broader application space.

The lighting of the China Pavilion of the transparent lighting, the optional LED panel lights light guide plate and a light guide plate floodlights. From the lighting effect, the traditional ideas are considered to be traditional metal halide lighting effects, but with panel light light guide plate technology advances, now mature panel light diffuser has reached 100 lux / W luminous efficiency, coupled with ultra-thin light box light extraction efficiency is usually greater than 80%, so more advantages than traditional lamps in LED light guide plate skills. Building energy consumption, lighting energy consumption is only one part, and a large indoor air-conditioning energy consumption.Due to the needs of the China Pavilion exhibition space, the interior is continuous pick an empty space, air-conditioning load the, indoor lighting acrylic plate heat generated by the operation of the air conditioning energy saving has a great influence. Metal Halide a photoelectric conversion capacity is relatively low, that is, part of the energy is directly converted into heat radiation and heat with the indoor air and the dielectric is formed directly enhance the indoor temperature.Contain ultraviolet and infrared LED light source light, does not produce heat radiation. So, the China Pavilion of the transparent lighting, air conditioning energy consumption by up to 70% savings compared to traditional light sources LED light source, this is critical to the reduction of the energy consumption of the whole building.

At the same time, lighting the light guide plate can change the shape of freedom is also increased its use. For example, the shape of the China Pavilion is quite distinctive, traditional metal halide bulky and can not be hidden in the building structure, easy to install exposed himself away, but to use the long-range flood lighting, thus affecting the final visual effect.LED light source is very small, can be arranged in any combination as needed, lamps shape can also be combined with changes in the building structure any arbitrary deformation, to fit with the building structure.