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Why Do We In The Home Decoration Recommended That You Choose LED Lights With The Decoration Of The Light Source As It

By: DeRun   Views:6821   Date: 06/12-2013

First of all pay attention to interior decoration generally opt for the second round, flat three-wire, flat four-wire, then why do we in the home decoration, it is recommended that you choose LED lights with the decoration of the light source as it? The reasons are the following:

1, soft, like a wire curl,

2, can be cut and Yan Jie

3, the light led bulb and the circuit is completely covered in flexible plastic, insulation, waterproof performance is good and safe to use

4, strong weather resistance -20-50 ° C, 5, is not easily broken, long service life, the life of up to 80,000 – 100,000 hours

6, easy to make graphics, text and shape;

7, the color is rich, beautiful color blue, white, green, yellow, red, orange, warm white, red and blue, purple, colorful.

8 Lee for environmental protection energy-saving, cold light, glare. No radiation, no mercury elements, and does not emit hazardous substance use.

9, easy installation. Widely used in home decoration ceiling light tanks.

10 solid color lights with: current LED lights with led light red, yellow, blue, green, white and warm white are six. The value of the light source itself, the price of the various colors of led lights with different, the law is the same number of lines and the number of lights led lights, red and ** the lowest price, the blue a little more expensive, green more expensive than the blue and white, warm white are the most expensive.

Next comes the explanation of some of the more commonly used equipment: color light strip: led lights led lamp beads in six colors, the color of the lights with led lamp beads of different colors combination. Second-tier one kind of red, yellow, blue, green, red and blue one three-wire, four-wire red, yellow, blue and red, green and blue.

Lights with controller: includes transformers, roughly divided into gradients and transitions, generally used in colored lights with. Access different lights with controller can lights with color changing according to different rules, and different lighting effects.

Home decoration LED lights with the most important is the choice of colors:

The choice of colors: Everyone has his own hobbies, can not be stereotyped. But can give you some advice, oh, the general said ceiling is usually white and other light colors, based on the use of the room, the living room is generally mostly yellow light blue light, yellow light gives a warm, natural feeling, especially in the cold winter, better understand the to. Blue make your room significantly higher and more far-reaching and more content. If you want to point festive, red is a good choice oh. Other lights with red and blue color, if coupled with the controller, the dynamic, more experience to the modern romantic atmosphere, huh, huh. The restaurant should be appropriate with yellow. Study, children’s room should be chosen yellow color. A room in a tone as well.

Finally, under LED lights with wholesale purchase Note: Prior to choose the right color and amount of a lot of long, with lights should be avoided convergence. Avoid unnecessary waste.

With lights is in meters calculated. Means that every 1 m or 2 m for the unit, the unit can not be cropped. With usage in the measurement of light due to the lights with this feature, so please pay attention to choose whole rice or whole 2 meter lights with length. A marker unit scissors mouth. Be sure to accurate cutting scissors port labeled above.

led lights with power is very small, about 3-5W / m, than the T4/T5 lamps to energy-efficient and more able to adapt to different ceiling shape.

Round lights with than the flat light with brightness and small, but the price is cheap, to consider carefully when you buy.

The film article is only a brief introduction of LED lights with applications in the home improvement and home decoration LED lights with how to choose and how to choose LED lights with a few things to note is to initiate the hope that useful!

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