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With The Chip Packaging Technology To Improve The Prices Of LED Lighting Products More And More Close To The People

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With the chip packaging technology to improve the prices of LED lighting products more and more close to the people. In addition, LED lighting, in addition to energy saving, environmental protection function, adjustable light, luminous efficiency, long life characteristics, to promote the popularity of LED lighting to bring not only energy saving, is its wide range of applications, to better meet some of the requirements unique lighting field.

High-class stores, shopping malls and other indoor commercial mood lighting

LED light source, energy saving and environmental protection, no UV to meet certain businesses to display personalized light environment psychological, into some businesses prefer light source for some special Products; heighten the atmosphere of the stores and shopping malls full spectrum color range for , LED light source in the local lighting, accent lighting and area lighting advantage, to create a high quality light environment unmatched by traditional lighting electric light, very suitable for commercial lighting domain. At this time, the price has become a secondary consideration.

Entertainment, beauty salon lighting

LED integrated light source with full-featured and easy to control, you can create both static and dynamic lighting effects, rendering a strong entertainment atmosphere to any color from white to full-spectrum LED appear open to such interior design of the space environment a new way of thinking.

Bars, cafes and other leisure venues in the mood lighting

LED light source is small, solid state lighting, lighting manufacturers unlimited play space, can be professionally produced all kinds of different styles of LED lighting, LED full spectrum of any color and dynamic static lighting effects make it decorative and manufacturing mood the function in this kind of place most vividly.

Stage lighting in the commercial theater, TV studio, dance and photography

LED light source in indoor lighting applications, to the theater, studio lighting environment interpretation of a new concept. As a first-class British television, GMTV last year to change the lighting of the studio to change color LED lighting energy use decreased by more than 60%, the studio temperature dropped to a more comfortable level.

Hotels, hotel, hotel lighting, hotel, hotel lighting

LED products, to bring a different feeling to the customer, in addition to energy savings, but also full of luxury and warmth of the light of the LED to create a personalized environment can fully demonstrate the strength landlords.

Meeting rooms, multi-purpose hall lighting

Intelligent control LED grayscale adjustable, different adjustment conference room or multi-purpose hall lighting environment based on the meeting content, serious or lively and can be freely set, LED intelligent lighting light environment to meet the different theme of the meeting the needs of . Exhibitions, fashion shows lighting

Exhibitions, fashion shows is the venue for businesses to showcase their products and services. Businesses, in order to better attract customers, merchandising and eventually reached a cooperation agreement, they need personalized light environment to showcase their products and services, LED lighting field in exhibitions and fashion shows come in handy.