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2013 China’s LED Industry Still Maintained A Certain Growth Rate

By: DeRun   Views:6817   Date: 06/13-2013

2012 is a year of ups and downs in the development of LED industry, the domestic industry investment situation is still grim, despite the international macroeconomic situation continued turmoil, China’s LED industry still maintained a certain growth rate. The first quarter of 2013, the overall growth of China’s semiconductor lighting industry position to become one of the most concern in the industry, According to the survey, most of the LED industry industry overall growth is expected in 2013, is still relatively optimistic, of which 37% respondents believe that in 2013, China’s semiconductor lighting industry will remain between 20% to 30% increase in growth was essentially flat with 2012; 29% of the respondents think that growth will slow down, that the industry increase The ratio will be maintained in the range of 10% to 20%; 16% of the respondents chose the growth in the range of 30% to 50%; addition, Jin Yicheng respondents predicted growth rate of more than 50%.

Optimistic expectations because, first, the policy environment has become the main driving force of the development of the industry at this stage. In recent years, national policies continue to tilt to the application side, coupled with the rapid growth of China’s LED market, at present, China has become the huge potential of semiconductor lighting applications and most concerned about the global market. Demonstration application projects and other favorable policies boost Next application and promotion of LED products to lead the direction of a sustained momentum in the market and policy wheel drive, but also to the development of China’s semiconductor lighting industry. According to the National Semiconductor Lighting Project R & D and Industry Alliance (CSA) statistical data, the scale of the industry in 2012 reached 192 billion yuan, an increase of 23% compared to $ 15.6 billion in 2011, although the growth rate has slowed, but the key technologies breakthrough, the 2013 is expected to maintain the relative growth situation. Echoes and this is expected for the second half of 2011 has been in the doldrums since the LED lighting market, the attitude of the majority of the respondents expressed optimism that the emergence of the positive factors associated with LED lighting technology progress and policy support, market rebound a great possibility.

Second, in recent years, investment in LED lighting industry in China has been showing rapid growth, the 2012 investment structure change significantly, epitaxial silicon investment accounted decreased, and the application of investment has increased dramatically, and then to become the largest concentration of investment in semiconductor lighting industry links, followed by packaging investment, but in the survey of 2013, China’s LED lighting industry investment, there are still nearly half of the respondents believe that in 2013 China’s LED lighting industry there is a structural overheated investment, 30% of respondents the overall overheating, while only 16% of respondents believe that in 2013 the volume of investment and demand matching (Figure 2). Lot of money into the semiconductor lighting industry, pushing up the speed of development of the industry, has sparked concerns about the overheated investment, but in any case, with the adjustment of investment structure in 2012, China’s semiconductor lighting industry investment will increasingly rational, more prominent application areas of competitive advantage, is conducive to further enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of China’s semiconductor lighting industry.

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