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Everlight Executives Microblogging Broke The Ban Case

By: DeRun   Views:6124   Date: 06/17-2013

LED lighting products to open up the market, in addition to at an affordable price, but also so that people buy LED lighting channels became scarce resource in the business war. Hand in the lighting industry’s largest sales network the NVC is undoubtedly pre-emptive, the upper hand in the process reached the civilian market in the future LED lighting. But a lot of people think, and the BDO Runda strong together, hold channel technology dual advantage of NVC is year Tencent, do a tough decision, so that dealers do within their own system a difficult choice.

Everlight executives microblogging broke the “ban case”

At 15:09 on May 7, Sina microblogging Profile billion light LED lighting operations center in Jiangsu user Liu Hu and wheat micro-Bo said: “We hear that The NVC provinces began to cripple the existing billion light inside the channel, which I have recently listening to most happy thing, and started to do a billion light I put forward the slogan learning to NVC Mengniu as the first stop in Shenzhen to Erie learn we were artificially set at the point of name and NVC , I very much fear ah billion light there is still a long way to go, like a blade of grass, regardless of the external environment, how bad, as stubborn growth.

Billion light illumination Management (Shanghai), general manager of Wu Cheng-Zhe occur in at 14:04 on May 7th in the micro-Bo released an even understand: map with the truth as notice of the NVC Henan carriers. ‘you channels colleagues, Hello everyone! then superiors notice, within the system is non-dealers to participate billion light and other LED Brand Organization meeting, is strictly prohibited the billion light for the display and sale of LED products and other brands! has been found that the company will be taken to stop goods and cancellation NVC distribution rights, please notified within regions dealer! Please be sure to speed up the NVC LED standard image and display the sample rate, channel distributors are required to be completed before the end of the month! [of De Ruipu lighting ‘.

Reporter learned that, Henan De Ruipu Lighting Co., Ltd. is a professional business lighting appliances, lighting accessories, electrical installation products sales company. Acting brand NVC, Huaqiang BENBON, PAK, Technology JiHao, Osram, a new bright spot in Shanghai, Chongqing and electricians. Microblogging is true, which means that LED agent brand of choice, the De Ruipu lighting and other NVC system dealer only NVC lighting and other LED lighting brands Select one, if you choose other brands “the company will take to stop the goods and cancellation of NVC distribution rights.

Channels compete for intense LED lighting striking

In the LED industry, dealers rarely specialized agency of a brand, which is usually the agent of several brands. LED lighting industry market is still in cultivation period, it is necessary to rely on the traditional dealer to open the channels, LED lighting business is not very much like the traditional business-to-dealer conditions limit, as long as they can open the market, the dealer is not for only their own brand is not very important. The side of the couch can we allow others to snoring sleep, such as NVC strong business both traditional lighting and LED lighting business, own dealer agent competitors brand such a thing is obviously zero tolerance.

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