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First Proposed Phase-out Of Incandescent LED Industry Is More Mature EU

By: DeRun   Views:5137   Date: 06/02-2013

First proposed phase-out of incandescent LED industry is more mature EU. Enacted legislation in December 2008, it will be divided into five stages, from September 1, 2009 to 2012, respectively, out of 100w, 75w, 60w, 40w and 25w incandescent; Germany and Argentina, from 2011 to ban the sale of incandescent bulbs 40w and 25w ordinary incandescent bulbs in favor of compact fluorescent lamps and LED energy-saving lamps.

In Asia, Japan in response to the power shortage problem, had earlier in June this year the “retired incandescent bulbs, in favor of vigorously promote LED bulbs. The South Korean government also plans starting in 2014 banning the production and sale of incandescent.

In the world have launched the incandescent sales program at the same time, the Chinese government to phase out incandescent roadmap press conference held on November 4, 2011, and issued “on the progressive ban on the import and sale of ordinary incandescent lighting Notice, decided that with effect from October 1, 2012, in accordance with the power size phased gradually banned the import and sale of general lighting incandescent.

According to the Notice, the phase-out of incandescent roadmap is divided into five stages: November 1, 2011 to 2012 for the transition period; October 1, 2012 banned the import and sale of 100w and more of the ordinary incandescent lighting; October 1, 2014, prohibit the import and sale of 60W and above ordinary incandescent lighting; October 1, 2015 to 2016, the mid-term evaluation period; October 1, 2016 banned the import of and sales 15w and above ordinary incandescent lighting, or, as the results of mid-term evaluation to be adjusted.

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