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Get Involved In Large Enterprises Coupled Unit Price Continued Rapid Decline Leading To Korea’s LED Industry Has Entered A Difficult Period Now

By: DeRun   Views:5734   Date: 06/12-2013

South Korea in 2006 to develop the popularity of LED lighting 15/30 (2015 to reach 30% penetration rate) target and start the full import of LED lighting. Will be the first traffic lights, outdoor displays and billboards replacement into LED products, so many companies as a good opportunity to expand their business, have set foot in the LED lighting market.

But the current situation is in South Korea, LED lighting is not as prevalent as it was planned. Large-scale investment by large enterprises, the South Korean short period of time in the supply chain upstream of the LED chip manufacturing jumped to second place in the world. Lighting equipment manufacturing and other downstream industries, in addition to large enterprises, small and medium enterprises are also in overseas markets showed a positive attitude. But get involved in large enterprises, coupled unit price continued rapid decline, leading to Korea’s LED industry has entered a difficult period now.

To its make matters worse, the pace of the popularity of the Korean LED lighting stagnant. LED products accounted for 2.5% of the overall lighting in 2010, the end of 2011 of around 4% (SeoulCity around 6%), the penetration rate has been seen to improve. Government who support enterprise, reduce power consumption, the implementation of a number of LED universal policy (see Table I). To achieve the target proposed by the government in 2006 “15/30”, at least a rate of 6.5% per year from 2012 popularity. But for now, the South Korean government’s goal seems to be difficult to achieve.

If Korea’s LED penetration rate has been hovering at a low level, unable to compete in overseas markets, the company’s future road will be very difficult. Therefore, the Korean government, SeoulCity and LED industry group Korea LEDAssociation (KLEDA), and so standing in their respective positions, respectively, introduced measures to further promote the popularization of LED. Following the introduction of the first to SeoulCity to promote the popularity of LED lighting to promote policy.

LED lighting 100% aim

SeoulCity had introduced a very active LED universal access policies. From 2007 to 2009, a total investment of 23 billion won, to 156,000 lighting of the transport facilities and public institutions building 38000 the replacement became LED lighting products (Table 2). This annual savings of electricity and electricity, respectively, about 42,400 MWh of about 1.6 billion won.

012, on the basis of the policy, the Seoul Metropolitan Government to achieve the lighting 100% LED technology, added some more measures. Seoul City announced in June 2012, the city’s public institutions “obligation to the use of LED lighting in the new public buildings. As of the end of June 2012, the Seoul public institutions LED lighting utilization rate reached 10%. According to reports, the future will further expand, the goal is to make public institutions LED lighting utilization rate of 50% in 2014, to reach 100% in 2018, that the LED lighting in 2030 reached 100%.

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