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The Chinese Mainland Market Is Still Dominated By Imported Equipment

By: DeRun   Views:5789   Date: 06/14-2013

Entire LED industry downturn, in 2012 we dispenser equipment sales growth has slowed down, but this year many of the mainland packaging manufacturers have to upgrade signs to replace the dispenser device. “Sweeney’s general manager Zhang custody revealed The company is in talks with Ruifeng power, Wanrun Technology, Lehman photoelectric and country star power four packages listed companies get orders in 2013 will be a turning point in the performance of the company.

However, the the Musashi and ASM Chinese agents upcoming replacement cycle was very cold. Interview, their judgment of the market competition is still very optimistic, even stubbornly believe that the Chinese mainland market is still dominated by imported equipment.

View from our current shipments of imported dispenser equipment changes in market share is not large, Musashi dispenser 3-4 years of the good, to maintain the life cycle of 6-7 years should not be a problem. ”

The Shenzhen ryoden high-precision equipment Co., Ltd. Long Min Hong, director told reporters that even if the replacement cycle, replacement will not be very obvious, and the mainland Musashi agents to provide customers with lifetime free maintenance service.

Dongguan Dong Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Luo woke bright, Musashi, ASM and other import dispenser equipment mainland market share of about 50% -60%, domestic dispenser equipment manufacturers in terms of price and efficiency. certain advantages, but large-scale mainstream packaging companies will still give priority to imported equipment.

Domestic equipment to enhance the speed and efficiency, but the dispenser with solid crystal, wire bonders than supporting relationship, lack of precision, quality, but off is unable to convince customers. “Lo wake up bright told reporters last year imported dispenser equipment prices fell about 30%. Since 2013, Tung Sheng and already began to receive from Ruifeng power, Hongli Opto-electronic and country star power packaging manufacturers orders.

“Domestic dispenser device may be in the domestic low-end market has a lot of opportunities, but the high-end market is mainly dominated by imports, the Musashi and ASM foreign manufacturers in technology has been steadily progressing for example, the latest version of the packaging process can significantly enhance imported LED mode top mainland without an equipment vendors can do it. “Luo Xing Liang told reporters.

Packaging companies different attitudes

Domestic dispenser device a late start, but with the technology and continuous improvement of performance, has gradually been recognized by the part of the continent packaging companies, equipment localization rate has been continually improved. GLII statistics show that in 2012, mainland China LED packaging equipment localization rate of about 60%, which the package aids domestic rate of more than 90%.

“We used to use the dispenser is Musashi, is now replaced by Zhongshan Hung satisfied that the company’s equipment.” An Puguang Shenzhen Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., general manager of the Wuxiang Hui told reporters that, from the the current usage point of view, the domestic dispensing the basic performance of the machine equipment has been achieved, is not much difference compared with the Musashi dispenser equipment.

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