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The High Cost Of Domestic Dispenser Equipment May Have Won A Majority Of Small And Medium-sized Enterprises Of All Ages

By: DeRun   Views:4486   Date: 06/14-2013

In packaging production line, both domestic and imported dispenser device using LAMP series packaging lines are fully automatic domestic equipment, has gone beyond the imported equipment in terms of speed, automation and efficiency, and in SMD packaging line on Musashi semi-automatic dispenser. “Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City Star ZHU Xi River, general manager, told reporters that domestic dispenser equipment in terms of yield is not enough, so the product is relatively high-end SMD led packaging line or the use of imported equipment.

The high cost of domestic dispenser equipment may have won a majority of small and medium-sized enterprises of all ages, but the mainstream packaging manufacturers it seems not too cold, even in the presence of certain prejudices.

“Dispenser with all our packaging production lines are imported, basically not made.” Shenzhen General Manager of JINGTAI photoelectric GONG told reporters that the high-power SMD and MLCOB series of plastic irrigation, dispensing of high stability requirements, domestic dispenser in these areas, there is still a gap.

Ruifeng power chairman Gong Weibin admits led  domestic dispenser device technologies, processes and performance has improved, but in terms of precision, or smaller than the imported equipment.

However, Ruifeng power packaging line has begun small quantities of the use of domestic dispenser equipment, accounted for about 30% of all packaging equipment number. “One of our main business is the LED backlight, the dispensing accuracy requirements are very strict, mainly the domestic dispenser equipment performance. Course, if domestic dispenser equipment to trial, we are still very happy the. ”

Serious homogeneity of the boom-bust?

“We had Teng Sheng dispenser with imported equipment testing, test data, the accuracy can reach about 95% of the imported equipment in the same paragraph, in terms of efficiency, it has been completely over foreign equipment. Teng Sheng Lu Guoming, general manager admitted to reporters, the the automatic dispenser price is only about 70% -80% of the same performance semi-automatic imported equipment, basically two prices of imported dispenser equipment can be purchased Taiwan Teng Sheng the same paragraph equipment.

Lu Guoming told this reporter, in addition to several the package listed companies still use force against Tibetan and other import dispenser, other companies have been basically start using domestic equipment. Especially the the domestic automatic white dispenser equipment put on the market last year, imports of semi-automatic dispensing equipment will gradually fade out the stage of history.

“Musashi, a semi-automatic dispenser price of about 16 million, and its efficiency is the fastest 15-18K per hour, a domestic automatic dispenser device priced at about $ 20 million per hour can be achieved 60K, efficiency is four times the former, automatic equipment of the same paragraph Musashi 70 million. “Lu Guoming told reporters that the next two years, the domestic dispenser equipment cost-effective or will stimulate the rapid growth of the market share domestic dispenser equipment spring has quietly come.

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