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The Next Few Years By The European Union In 2012 A Total Ban On Incandescent Light Bulbs Policies Estimates The Market Will Show Significant Growth Conditions

By: DeRun   Views:6343   Date: 06/26-2013

According to the statistical German lighting output value of construction-related applications up to 11 billion euros per year, employing up to 80,000 people.

Plus surrounding electronic parts and information industry, the annual output value of 65 billion euros will be created, employing up to 543,000 people. The next few years by the European Union in 2012 a total ban on incandescent light bulbs policies, estimates the market will show significant growth conditions.

2011 to 2015 compound annual growth rate of the LED lighting market in Europe is expected to reach 38%, will be following the Japanese market, LED lighting, a fast-growing mature market.

Observed the development of the European lighting market in the past, has been the performance was sustained and stable growth. Customer price of the market, the gross profit is relatively high, it is important from the military in various lighting manufacturers, if you can stand the European lighting market, grasp the region’s orders, in the field of LED product validation, technology and quality, has an invincible position.

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