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The Official Website Of The Ministry Of Industry Announced Open Call For Revisions Of The LED Bulb Performance

By: DeRun   Views:5905   Date: 06/03-2013

A few days ago, the official website of the Ministry of Industry announced open call for revisions of the LED bulb performance requirements “Call for an end time of 15 days after the Date.

Engineering LED reporter learned from the Ministry of stakeholders, including the revised performance indicators QBCPZT1157-2013 LED bulb performance requirements, QBJCZT1158-2013 white LED light source color “, QBCPZT1159-2013” surface-emitting LED lighting technical requirements “, QBFFZT1160-2013 LED lamps measurement methods, QBFFZT1161-2013 LED lights – accelerated life evaluation method, all CQC non-mandatory standards.

According to the parties, the LED bulb performance requirements within the Ministry department in charge of the Consumer Goods Industry, lighting appliances by the National Standardization Technical Committee is responsible for the lead; by Beijing Optical Power Research Institute, Shanghai Times Light Lighting Electronic Testing Co., Ltd., the National electric Light Source Quality supervision Center (Beijing) and other units responsible for drafting. After the collection time, the lead department National Standardization Technical Committee Lighting & Electrical Feedback summary, coordination with the drafting of discussion, unity will submit the revised standard terms of the National Standards Commission, specifically Published notice.

Recently, the reporter called the industry production LED bulb manufacturers CTO, positive 51 holiday period, they almost do not know the solicitation. For the assembly of CQC non-mandatory standards, many manufacturers noncommittal, especially the main export manufacturers.

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