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United States CREE Company Recently Introduced A Less Than $ 10 LED Bulbs

By: DeRun   Views:5044   Date: 05/31-2013

United States CREE company recently introduced a less than $ 10 LED bulbs, this LED lighting industry will be significant impact. As we all know, higher quality Career launched LED lighting, which was first launched A-type LED bulbs to replace the lamp. It seems that the Cree will to fight against the giant Philips, GE and acquire LED lighting companies, such as Best Buy.

Its pricing is very competitive, the name of the series is the Cree LED Bulbs, including three models: warm white equivalent to 60W, priced at $ 12.97; white light equivalent to 60W, priced at $ 13.97; warm white equivalent to 40W Price $ 9.97. In other words, Cree not only started making light bulbs, and the price also broke the $ 10 mark, no small threat to the competitors. March 5 of this series bulbs can be purchased from HomeDepot.com.

Career This product has three main features, the first is the price broke through the $ 15 and $ 10. Previously, buyers from the Home Depot (Home Depot) $ 9.97 to buy (EcoSmart) LED bulb equivalent to 40W “green wisdom, but the quality is far better than the Cree.

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