How to deal with the many problems caused by the high refresh the screen? LED packaging companies in the LED display conditions tightened, the LED chip performance is a great challenge. Tested under…View More
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April 25 -27, 2013 Beijing International Lighting Exhibition was held at the China International Exhibition Center, this exhibition area of ??35,000 square meters, the exhibition hall is divided into…View More
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Table brightness, fire emergency led lighting state of emergency that emergency lighting lighting and evacuation direction indicator on how well qualified or not will be a direct result of the fire e…View More
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Compared with the traditional lighting industry, LED lighting demand in the market is still in a weak position and how universal application to the family as the focus of the industry, in the April 2…View More
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China's semiconductor lighting industry develop in different ways, the application of LED industrial technology complex, the blind pursuit of lower energy consumption, shoddy products and other pheno…View More
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As of this weekend (April 28, 2013), the LED Engineering Research Institute included 25 LED Key shares, the 2012 Annual Report and 2013 quarterly release. 2012, 25 LED key listed companies Total oper…View More
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With the chip packaging technology to improve the prices of LED lighting products more and more close to the people. In addition, LED lighting, in addition to energy saving, environmental protection …View More
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1, The lack of national standards Of the lack of national standards for LED lighting products, lack of standards of quality certification, a direct result of the uneven quality of the product on the …View More
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LED market conditions: 2011 domestic lighting sales: 13500000000 / Sales: 156 000 000 000. 2011 domestic sales of LED lamps: 082000000 / units, sales: 7.8 billion. Domestic LED lighting market pene…View More
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1.LED running for a darker, is the current flowing through the switching power supply leads due to too large, you can check whether the sum of the currents of the lead over the switching power supply…View More
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