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How To Deal With The Many Problems Caused By The High Refresh The Screen

By: DeRun   Views:6242   Date: 05/24-2013

How to deal with the many problems caused by the high refresh the screen? LED packaging companies in the LED display conditions tightened, the LED chip performance is a great challenge.

Tested under limited conditions reverse leakage current of the basic characteristics of diode, LED previous routine testing reverse voltage at 5V reverse leakage current control 1?A, today 10V LED display manufacturers are still unable to reach requirements.

This is not just LED display manufacturers and LED packaging manufacturers is ancillary chip factory, IC plant, selection of raw materials, supporting the overall problem, this problem needs to be resolved various complementary .

The indoor “black shell” line

LED display as first developed LED segments, after nearly 30 years of development, the manufacturers of products in the industry homogenization serious. Almost all the energy-consuming focus on how to reduce costs, such as industrial chain through the integration of resources, further compressed margins or further innovation in the raw materials and workmanship of the product, to find a lower cost solution.

“But such methods only as a strategy of price war, not An Puguang the pursuit of the direction. Firmly grasp the needs of customers, constant product innovation is the business to survive.” Wu Xianghui indoor display The market is moving towards the era of HD high-density the 3528 white shell-like products have been gradually black shell of 3528, as well as smaller 2121,1515 replaced.

Has been the contrast of the display is to assess the merits of the important parameters. The greater the contrast, the displayed image layering stronger, more vivid. Black PPA plastic bracket for the display screen to provide higher contrast, at the same time enhance the brightness of the chip used in the display market feasibility for black shell bracket.

The Wuxiang Hui said, An Puguang product roadmap as a “black shell” the subsequent indoor display main direction of development of the market, in order to more quickly meet the needs of the client.

The face of today’s confusion price of the product, LED packaging manufacturers from the holder of one of the important materials to make a fuss. For example, high refresh rate LED display with a white envelope device biggest cost item – bracket, the price is a bit confusing, already exceeded the maximum of 20 yuan, minimum 6. Black bracket black PPA plastic pellets production due to the cost of each stent plant black shell scaffold is almost the same, so the prices are still unable to widen the gap. But in the face of competition in the market, do not rule out the possibility that manufacturers will take the risk to the use of recycled materials seq red

LED packaging companies cost a large extent reflected in the materials on the Wuxiang Hui believes that the current package of gross profit is very low, only fair competition, An Puguang have a greater advantage.

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