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LED Bulb As A New Bulb Has Energy Saving Longevity In The World

By: DeRun   Views:4695   Date: 05/31-2013

China with decades of traditional light bulbs and fluorescent bulb is burned, they would often, LED bulb, as a new bulb has energy saving longevity in the world, then how to make it more efficient, safely work? Sheng Naisi LED lights manufacturers to share with you how to buy LED bulb.

Buy LED bulb, the best on-site test light. The specific method is fitted with a cold state lights, hands off the lights, turn on the power once lit the best “first light” should be understood at least to start flashing or flashing, the roots of the lamp can not appear red. Some energy-saving lamps with internal light line start preheating circuit, start there will be a delay of about 0.4 seconds. So that the operation of the lamp for a few minutes, and was observed whether the top of the lamp odor when its temperature rises. Finally, to look at the lamp body temperature after power failure, the lower the temperature, the better.

High quality LED bulb, there are several notable characteristics, namely, to restore the true color, and color temperature. Energy-saving lamps commonly used color temperature ranging from 2700K-6400K range, sufficient to meet the lighting needs in the home a variety of situations.

Selection of low color temperature of 3000K light can get incandescent-like warm For the elegant, crisp lighting effects are an appropriate choice of 5000K or more high color temperature light.

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