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LED Bulbs The Status Quo LED Lights Mainly To High-power White LED Single Lamp-based

By: DeRun   Views:5526   Date: 07/05-2013

LED bulbs the status quo LED lights mainly to high-power white LED single lamp-based, currently the world’s top three manufacturers of LED lighting three-year warranty, large particles per watt is equal to or greater than 100 lumens, small particles greater than or equal to 110 lumens per watt . The light decay particles less than 3% each year, light is small particles of less than 3% per annum. LED solar street lights, LED flood light, LED ceiling lights, LED fluorescent lamps have can be mass-produced. For example, a 10-watt LED fluorescent lamp can replace 40-watt fluorescent or energy-saving lamps.

LED lights with in production will inevitably have a negative LED lights with bad product repair a need of special attention.Because LED lights with easy maintenance because of improper operation, caused by LED lights with end-of-life.Here’s talk about Dongguan Light Rainbow maintenance LED lights with 3 big taboo:

1, anti-static

LED is static-sensitive components, did not do a good job in maintenance LED lights with anti-static measures, it will burn out the LED, resulting in waste. It should be noted soldering iron must use anti-static soldering iron, maintenance personnel must make anti-static measures (such as wearing a wrist strap and anti-static gloves, etc.)

2, continuous high temperature

LED lights with two important components LED and FPC are not continuous high temperature products. FPC If continuous high temperature or over its exposure to temperature, it will the FPC cover film blistering direct result of LED lights with end-of-life. , LED unsustainable withstand high temperatures, a long time at high temperatures, the chip will be high temperature burn. Therefore, the maintenance LED lights with iron must temperature soldering iron, the temperature is limited to a range of prohibited changed casually and settings.In addition, even so, also need to pay attention to repair soldering iron Do not pin of the LED stays longer than 10 seconds, if this time is exceeded, it is likely to burn LED chip.

3, the short-circuit

A lot of LED lights with poor pin at short circuit, real bad cause must be identified before servicing. Otherwise, the rush to replace the bad LED is powered up again will continue to cause the LED chip short-circuit current breakdown.Therefore, before replacing the new LED, be sure to find out the a bad real reason, the right remedy can be more effective.

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