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LED Candle Light Tips To Buy

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LED candle light: bulb a similar name because of its shape and the candle flame shape, light yellow soft light a candle flame sense, and there is no danger, and is safe to use part of the lamp uses LED bulbs, giving you safe scene effect.

Built-in energy saving bulbs, three small lithium battery, continuous use for a long time, it will not lampholder overheating happens. LED candle lamp comprising a lamp body of the candle shape, is used connected to the lamp and lamp holder and built in the light-emitting body of the lamp body, wherein said light emitting member for the LED, the LED of the two electrodes respectively connected to the respective electrodes of the lamp.

LED candle light with high power bright light source, color 2600K-3200K color temperature Yen to choose from, the base is made of aluminum alloy, surface oxidation treatment and do, the special internal ventilation structure design with light weight, good heat dissipation, upscale appearance, etc., lampshades made of transparent or opal glass. Good heat dissipation, light decay, high-efficiency energy-saving, Three the Fengyuan LED series high power candle light with high efficiency constant current drive circuit, conversion ? series high-power candle light efficiency constant current drive circuit, conversion ? 90%. Under the same conditions, 3WLED candle light equivalent to 25W incandescent lamp brightness, power saving up to 90%. High-power LED candle lamp life of 50,000 hours or more, more than 10 times the ordinary incandescent lamp life 1000 hours attenuation <h decay <2%, <30% attenuation 40,000 hours. Avoid frequent replacement of the lamp, reducing maintenance and management fees.The electrical stability, the AC100V -AC240V50/60Hz wide voltage and frequency input flash, fast transient response (delayed wide voltage input frequency flicker, fast transient response (delay wide voltage and frequency input flash, transient response (delay) frequent switching damage) frequent switching damage phenomena, is ideal for the frequent switching frequency, voltage fluctuation range of the field.

LED Candle Light Tips to buy

1, see the packaging and labels. The national mandatory for the LED lighting manufacturers products to the following: rated voltage, voltage range, rated power, rated frequency marked on the outside of the package. In general, good quality and trademark printing of high-quality products, legible, easy to fall off, wipe with a soft damp cloth, signs legible and indelible manufacturer’s trademarks and certification marks. Shoddy products print quality is poor, fuzzy fonts, easy to erase, no manufacturer’s trademarks and certification marks.

2, LED Candle Light [1] appearance. Good LED lamp manufacturers, are generally large-scale production of products, the shape and size of the production LED Candle Light in good agreement, to ensure product quality. Shell cracks, loose, the seal should not be prized loose, head tilt phenomenon in the process of installing, removing, lamp.

3 working temperature. LED candle light under normal operating conditions, the temperature should be low.Otherwise, led candle lamp life will be very short. The same time, the candle light is lit, flashing quickly or very harsh fluctuations, both lighting quality problems. 

4, the start-up performance. LED lights start two characteristics: First, the higher the temperature, the more likely to start;, turn off lights will not flash. In addition, it is worth mentioning that a lot of LED lights opened very dark, lamp life, LED candle lamp has a power supply circuit and PCB board in its internal?