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LED Grow Lights Are Available And Indoor Plant Lighting Solutions Better Than Before

By: DeRun   Views:5423   Date: 05/29-2013

There are many different types of grow lights for indoor gardening plants. LED grow lights use a combination of red and blue LED. They are usually provided on the panel, and placed close to the plants. , You will see HID high-intensity gas discharge MH, metal halide lamps and high pressure sodium lamp, high pressure sodium, advertising lights and all types of indoor plants grown in the greenhouse growth. LED Grow Lights are also available, and indoor plant lighting solutions better than before.

1) grow light for growing plants faster than HPS. Various studies have shown that LED Grow Light is a superior technology when it comes to a better plant growth and faster. For example, the University of Minnesota Department of Horticultural Science conducted a study to compare the high-pressure sodium lamps and LED Grow Lights. They measured the average height of more than seven weeks of two plants grown in two lights. Growth of plants, the use of LED lights, the end of growth is much higher than the HPS. The height difference is not huge, but when you grow an indoor garden, every inch difference.

2) lamp at a lower cost, although the initial purchase price is often more expensive than the HPS light than the HPS lamp LED lamp, there is a big price difference is the type of operating costs grow lights. Advanced LED Grow Lights only one-eighth of the use of electricity to produce the same amount of light as the HPS grow lights, grow lights in life to save you much money. Tiny LED diodes can also be configured to provide a well-lit place to grow light than traditional manufacturers.

3) the weight of the plant growth is more light than HID and high pressure sodium lamp, LED grow light is pretty much lighter than other types of traditional develop light. This is because the HID, MH and HPS lamps require the use of ballast, so that they are normal. Sheeting, the pool of light cast on plants, can also be used for high pressure sodium lamp and others, to increase the number of devices. Since the lamps are usually suspended plants in a certain way, the weight is an important consideration, especially when the lamp must be periodically made and to reduce plant maintenance work, such as watering, occur, as well as an appropriate distance from the plant to complied with. Some high-end LED grow lights, built-in fan, to negate air-cooled reflector need and pipes.

4) the ability to change the light quality. Plants grow best in a certain spectral stage of plant growth. The light of the seedlings, they need to grow under HPS lamps in blue light, sturdy stems, when they grow up. Mature to reproduce and set fruit or flowers plants need light in the red and orange spectrum, which must HPS lamps. You can find a HPS bulb, facing the blue or red spectrum, but it does not have the ability to provide spectrum. This means that you will need to start a grow lamp, and then will need to change as plants mature.

All of this is simple, when you are using LED grow lights, red and blue light spectrum. Quality LED Grow Lights using the knob, simply open the spectrum to change the bulbs. If you can afford LED Grow Lights, it is a better choice. Your plants will grow faster, higher, longer and more efficiently than any high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps.

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