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LED Industry Is In Recent Years Is Think That The The One Of The Of The The The Most Has The Potential To Industries

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LED industry is In recent years is think that the the one of the of the the the most has the potential to industries, mainly due to the is that everyone look forward to that the LED be able to to enter the the lighting market, become the new lighting light source, this would be a the most there is hope the potential market for. LED small size, high efficiency, fast response time, the the life of the product is is longer than others who have light source for, to does not contain the harmful mercury on the environment, these are the the advantages of.

But the LED The main disadvantage of Apart from the the heat dissipation still a a of the outer the Great problem (this will reduce the on on the LED the light emitting EFFICIENCY) Do, the a light source Bad point a light source, the brightness unevenness and an Cost of far to higher than that other a light source, especially is, in the on a Usually ships Lighting Applications, but also the LED urgent need of result in a to solve of the .

Many LED applications need to the the high-power LED (High Power LED) to to enter applicable, that require high drive capability from the while the as a high-power LED to, This can be used to lines and drive lines of the power conversion a combination of of the driver IC, in to to reached the drive high power LED the needs of.

Of headlight will be gradually imported

Present, the LED drive the IC the main application of market to for the action telephone and handheld consumer electronic products, these applications market is currently accounted for LED driver for 81% of of the IC market, including the screen and keys are of the mobile phone with a backlight, the camera flash, PMP/MP3 the backlight of the screen with and and so on on. Due to This market is has been gradually mature, estimated the The the market share of of within the this aspects of in in the in recent years has been will reach by highest peak, while the other LED driver IC application market will be gradually re-leased.

In the the new applications on the market of the LED and LED driver IC, the most notable is the the automotive market., So far as the LED and LED driver IC are concerned, automotive with a products Unit Price high, and the the growth of is fast, is the very potential market. Present, the LED in the the main application of of the car for the the inside the car liquid crystal the backlight of the screen, Interior Lights, and taillights. At present, LED car headlights not yet a large number of to import, mainly due to the is the problem of the LED heat dissipation, is expected to from the next year onwards,, the car will gradually import the LED car headlights.

As for the small and medium-sized the-size LCD screen (LCD), the use of the the the penetration rate of very high of the the LED as a the source of backlight, while the large-size the the penetration rate of of the LCD (is greater than more than 10-inch) then the is very small, But in recent years, a many of notebook computer company began to compete to launch in order to LED as the the the the notebook of the backlight source computer (NB), This on behalf of the LED has been beginning to infiltrate the the large-size market, estimated notebook computer backlight with a the LED driver IC market, to play a in 2012 will in order to more than 200% of the annual compound average from the the this year the growth of the the growth of rate of.

LCD TV with the development of slow

While the LCD TV (LCD TV) the use of LED for the backlight source, is also is another high-profile range of application markets, However, because of the problem of the costs and technically, the LCD TV market the use of LED-backlit of the, will only be small and quantity imported from the the 2008 onwards . This application market to the 2011 is will continue to is a very small market, unless to have a significant breakthrough in terms of cost with the technically.

General lighting will is one of the the LED’s largest Dream application market, The many market observers, are will LED up and as a for circumstances the lighting light source, and regarded as the the by an important science and technology, under the the in the energy crisis. However, before in the light-emitting lighting degrees, heat dissipation, the point light source and cost issues has not been a major breakthrough in, a comprehensive replace the the traditional lighting light source the days, is to will not be so as early as the arrival of.

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