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LED Light Basic Knowledge

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Many years ago people have to understand the semiconductor material can produce light of the basic knowledge. The first commercial diode produced in 1960. The core part of the light emitting diode is composed by a p-type semiconductor and the n-type semiconductor wafer, a transition layer, called the pn junction between the p-type semiconductor and the n-type semiconductor.

In some semiconductor materials, PN junction, the injection of minority carrier and majority carrier recombination, when will the excess energy released from the form of light, which converts electrical energy directly into light. PN junction reverse voltage, minority carrier injection is difficult, it is not light. The use of injection electroluminescent principle of making the light-emitting diode called light-emitting diodes, known as LED.

When it is in working condition (ie, ends with a positive voltage), current from the LED anode to the cathode, the semiconductor crystals on the issue from the ultraviolet to the infrared light of different colors, light intensity and current. High light efficiency, low light decay high power LED, have been widely used in street lamps, mining lamps, tunnel lights, spotlights, fluorescent and many other field of LED lighting, the praise by the industry.

(1) using the solid-state semiconductor device wafer customize packaging high luminous efficiency, 1W brightness can be achieved ordinary fluorescent 3W effect, saving 60% of the electricity, having a good light attenuation performance, high temperature resistant of pc plastic material purified.

2 lower VF (3.1V-3.5V), power dissipation can be reduced to reduce the heat, to extend the working time of the LED.

3 original epoxy resin encapsulation process issued in the form of electronic energy can be almost white and warm white lumens. Products without spot color circle, the color, consistency.

Lens through a special method of processing that does not fall.

Purposes: LED street light, LED light emitted LED Lighting, LED SpotLight High Power 60W 80W 120W 160W 180W LED decorative lights,LED lights, LED High Bay Light LED lighting, LED stage lights, LED light bar, LED control device.

LED high power cast LED high power cast light now, because of quality problems, there has been a lot of embarrassing things, also allow the market to mess up a variety of quality Price, Let’s analyze it, how to look the quality of light, LED high power cast light quality analysis

1, Lamp beads: LED Spotlights major part of the lamp beads, lamp beads is also key to the quality, light beads foreign, domestic, the quality is good and bad, I’m not setting them here The overall lamp beads chip is divided into (28Mil, 30Mil, 35Mil, 40Mil, 45Mil, 50Mil, 55Mil), the larger the chip lamp beads, the better the quality, the higher the brightness, manufacturers generally find the best advice clear, light chip beads what brand, the size of the chip is how much?

2, shell: LED Spotlights other part is the case, because the LED heat Case cooling is required, the shell material is better, then there are LED Spotlights mostly waterproof, IP level to 65 or more, to outdoor quality assurance, outer waterproof is also very important, the overall is better shell material, abrasive agreement can not leaky.

3, the drive power: This is the heart of the LED high power cast light if the drive power is not good, like a person with heart disease, are at risk at any time, so the drive power, also demanding requirements not to say high technology, design requirements in accordance with normal power supply, through the power take shortcuts, the kind of power is unreasonable, and it is easy to bad.

4, the production process: in the case of the first three conditions are met, the last step in the check quality, even the best materials, sophisticated production technology, but also do not produce good quality products, so the process is very important, The check is very simple, to see LED Spotlights appearance on OK, the process certainly good to look good, the good appearance of the process there will not be wounded in action, other waterproof glue residue. Finally opted for LED high power cast light, the most important and manufacturers to communicate, what quality, what price do not think that the high price, high quality, and do not think the low price, there will be more good quality.