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LED Lighting Market Demand Is Increasing And Expanding Field Of Applications

By: DeRun   Views:7167   Date: 06/28-2013

LED brightness can be divided into ordinary brightness, high brightness and ultra-high brightness. In recent years, high-brightness LED has been dominated by the dominant position of the LED lighting market. LED lighting market demand is increasing and expanding field of applications, as well as further technological breakthroughs and production costs continue to decline, and lay a solid foundation for the development of ultra-high brightness LED market.

According to the forecast of the tech industries research institutions Sinotes the Consulting (Sinotes), in 2009, the ultra-high brightness LED market will reach 1.64 billion yuan, accounting for 20.4% of the overall market, LED lighting.

High brightness LED applications is increasingly widespread, there are many new application areas, such as automotive interior and exterior lighting and the display device, aviation, marine, rail traffic signal indicates that the use of special lighting, low voltage safety class miner’s lamp, outdoor landscape lighting and interior lighting with LED lights, a variety of different lighting structures LED special lighting and white LED lighting and so on. Due to the application and promotion of these new fields, the high brightness LED, increasing demand and to lay a solid foundation to promote the development of ultra-high brightness LED industry.

With the continuous expansion of the ultra-high brightness white LED application surface, as well as a further breakthrough in the technical and production costs continue to decline, will further promote LED achieve general lighting process. Sinotes analyst Li Jun, expected in five years, high brightness LED lighting market share will continue to expand, the formation of the situation to keep pace and high-brightness LED.

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