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LED Spotlight Is A New Generation Replacement Products

By: DeRun   Views:6913   Date: 06/04-2013

LED Spotlight is a new generation replacement products, energy-saving high-performance and light a small decline, especially in the current international environment, more and more widely. How to choose a good product:

As the saying goes: “experts see the doorway, watch outsiders” If you stand on the expert’s point of view how to choose a good LED lights?
Specific you can be some of the parameters to determine the merits of the product of the LED Spot Lighting: on the home.

First: beautiful. LED Spotlight, for example, the common LED spotlights are composed of a plurality of light emitting points, its appearance and traditional spotlights, installed in high places is very coordinated, but most second-generation LED Spotlight Focus Reflection Optical international patent system not only has a beautiful traditional spotlights reflector cup and concentrated light and glare desired effect;

Second: Color temperature (color) must be consistent and stable, long point high temperature will not change color. Traditional halogen spotlights color temperature is 2700K, commercially LED spotlight for a period of time it is easy to change color, and the color temperature deviation is very powerful.

Third: Color rendering index CRI (Ra) directly determines the ability to truly reflect the color of the kind. The sun and the traditional halogen spotlights color rendering index CRI (Ra) are 100 national standards for LED lamps CRI (Ra) ? 80, LED spotlights lighting industry CRI (Ra) basically reached 75.Some of the better manufacturers, color rendering index CRI (Ra) 85. If it is used in some of the more high-end places, such as hotels, upscale stores such as lighting, color rendering index is certainly required is very high, as much as possible close to the traditional incandescent shine so kind to accurately display the original color of the object;

Fourth: led spotlights life. State regulations now use lumen maintenance after 25,000 hours in more than 70%;

Fifth: the angle of light is better, can not produce glare, for example, the angle of 20 °, the light shines down should be in this range. Led spotlights irradiation angle should not see a strong light;

Sixth: It should be based on different application environments different styles of LED spotlights with in order to achieve the effective integration of interior architectural design and lighting design.

Designers and owners want the election to LED spotlight not only the appearance of fine, light and have a natural and comfortable, nice effect, taking into account cost savings as much as possible.

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