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Major LED Mining Lamp Manufacturer In The Upstream Technology Continue To Improve

By: DeRun   Views:4961   Date: 06/08-2013

Mining lamp Revolution, sounds like a very long way off, but with the rapid development of LED production technology, some of the key technologies of the industrial development of the LED mining lamp also require further research and development, including the reliability of the LED High Bay Light products, high-cost solution problem; Second, .2012 global LED mining lamp market estimated to be approximately $ 4.48 billion, but the domestic, the lack of competitive products and core competitiveness, there is no certain number of patents can not compete and international companies.

In addition, the end of the study for general lighting system equipment, higher brightness, fever phenomenon will follow generation, which is a symbolic move and the lack of testing and certification platform technology, the core of the problem is the choice of the eutectic material and other issues, but know that news is that the future cooperation adjust.

Major LED mining lamp manufacturer in the upstream technology continue to improve, in order to maintain the finished encapsulated brightness technological innovation management tools, we can more clearly grasp the next 3-5 years, LED mining lamp lighting industry mainstream direction, in LED mining lamp technology development on two main programs, the rational allocation of resources for innovation, to master the most optimized process parameters, to become bigger and stronger LED mining lamp lighting industry provides a guide to action.

Opportunities and Challenges: 2011 for the lighting field, the implementation of the three-step strategy orders substantially reduced the growth is slowing down, the increase in market demand for products of all kinds of LED mining lamp, coupled with very tight due to the export task’s duration, according to the Chinese LED mining lamp follow-up study of the market, the impact of the global financial crisis, on the other hand, the export task duration tension, resulting in growth is slowing down. Even so, it can not stop the LED mining lamp market demand for products, research equipment to complete production prototype commercial or LED mining lamp backlight products, have to compete for their respective territories. Compiled Working Group on the Interim Cooperation of institutions using high-brightness LED mining lamp lighting, this will probably become the main features of the future LED mining lamp lighting, despite the mixed quality of the lead frame. In addition, LED mining lamp lighting can also be driven by changes in automotive design technology and design style. Ownership of high-tech production process, greatly reduce the manufacturing cost of the LED mining lamp, LED mining lamp profit margins will greatly enhance the basic traditional incandescent bulbs have a unique color temperature

We can also add many features, in May this year, benefiting not only the lighting of the LED mining lamp lighting market, the formation of large-scale electronic information industry to take this opportunity in China, have vigorously develop, aimed at phasing out traditional lighting lamps, to help them achieve the task of upgrading the lighting, although some areas in the economic downturn, but the market needs to develop with the currently installed power infrastructure fully supporting the LED mining lamp drive power. Because this research direction is impossible to actually develop a real LED mining lamp bulb, these the hot technical difficulties overcome, to provide enterprises with tremendous opportunities for development. Everything is ready, all manufacturers do not have time to wait for what Huang Daoji development, creating LED downlight industrial revolution!

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