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SMD LED Market Showing Of Prosperity Contending Lively Atmosphere

By: DeRun   Views:7105   Date: 06/07-2013

SMD light emitting diode (SMD LED) is a new type of surface mount semiconductor light-emitting device, with a small scattering angle, luminous uniformity, high reliability, light color a variety of colors, including white, it is widely used in various electronic products. As the market are expected for the future status of SMD LED, the major mainstream manufacturers have launched their own of SMD LED development planning and prototype products moment, SMD LED market showing of prosperity, contending lively atmosphere.

Surprisingly, the past few years SMD LED market share accounted for only a small part of China’s LED packaging industry, only 10-15% of sales in 2007. Over the past five years, when the LED industry output and sales were increased 30% and 20%, SMD LED industry is still very slow growth relative to the industry as a whole, 2008 SMD LED revenue growth of only 5% to 10 %. However, as China’s major manufacturers of innovation and changes in business strategy, by 2009, China has 153 MOCVD equipment, chip production increase over 2008 of 25%, up to 23 billion yuan, 20.4 billion yuan package. Power LED and SMD LED grew rapidly. 2010 is expected to increase to 28 billion yuan. Application of the market, in 2009 the output value of LED application products in China has exceeded 600 billion yuan.

Suppliers are rethinking business strategy. Some companies are considering to delay expansion plans, some have stopped investing in new production lines, or are verified with the alternative market buyers order to determine the need for further expansion of production capacity. In 2009, many manufacturers began to lower product prices, at the same time open up new markets. In addition to controlling investment, vendors also want to be able to better control production costs.

Process surface mount diode (SMD) is a new type of surface mount semiconductor light-emitting devices, with small size, the scattering angle, luminous uniformity, and high reliability. Its light color can be a variety of colors, including white, to meet the needs of surface mount structure of various electronic products, especially mobile phones, laptops, etc.. , SMD packaging process SMD package generally two structures: one for the the metal stents chip LED the other PCB chip LED. The specific process is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 SMD package process, many manufacturers are using automated machine solid crystal and wire bonding, made out of good product quality, consistency, very suitable for large-scale production. In particular, it should be noted that in the production of SMD white LED, because of the smaller size of the device, the point of the phosphor is a puzzle.

Some manufacturers first phosphor and epoxy resin with good, made a mold; made of a plastic cake with phosphor epoxy, plastic cake posted on the chip, surrounded by and filled with epoxy resin SMD package, which made the white LED. 2 test LED and select PCB SMD LED package test, because of its small size, is not easy manual operation, it is necessary to use automatic test equipment. The PCB chip LED, for example, shown in Figure 2 of the 0603 chip SMD LED, its size of 1.6mm × 0.8mm × 0.8mm. The 20603 chip SMD LED structure miniaturization, PCB material selection and layout is very important.

Various considerations, select the thickness to 0.30 mm, the area of ??60mm x 130mm PCB as the substrate, the board 41 package structure design, each headed by a 44-piece LED as a single entity. Each unit icon Referring to Figure 3. Figure 3 test unit of the PCB schematic for the quality of the PCB substrate requirements include:? Uneven thickness of <± 0.03mm, positioning holes on the circuit board pattern deviation sufficient accuracy: <± 0.05 mm. ? Metallised must ensure that the thickness and quality of the gold wire bonding, the tension is greater than 8g. ? Surface dirt on the PCB chemicals to clean, to firmly adhesive glue package. SMD LED package is used in a large display, SMD chip-on-connected part of the display board with a thermally conductive glue, so that the heat conduction to the display circuit board SMD LED.

So that the heat from the display board into the atmosphere is conducive to cooling of the display. With the development of SMD devices, the connector will be the development direction of the SMD devices to achieve miniaturization, high density and bright colors, so that the display screen is available in limited size higher resolution. Can be achieved while the lightweight structure simplifies and good white balance; half-value angle up to 160 °, so that the display thinner, get better viewing.

SMD LED product analysis product advantages with respect to other packaged devices, SMD LED has a lot of unique excellent properties: a high density assembly, electronic products small size, light weight, chip component size and weight of traditional plug-in components about 1/10, the general use of SMT, the volume of electronic products shrink 40% to 60% weight reduction of 60% to 80%. high reliability, strong anti-vibration. Solder joint defects is low. high-frequency characteristics. Reduces electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. d. easy to automate, improve production efficiency.

Reduce costs up to 30% to 50%. Saving materials, energy, equipment, manpower, and time. Product applications, SMD LED is mainly used in lighting systems, decorative, electronic equipment indicator, backlit displays and equipment and other fields. In 2009, mobile phone and LCD TV production reduction may affect the supply of such components is expected. The conventional monochrome SMD LED package size 1206 (3215), 1004 (2510), 0805 (2012) and 0603 (1608).

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