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Some One Think GB Is The Minimum Standard Of The LED Industry

By: DeRun   Views:6544   Date: 06/03-2013

Before the LED bulb performance requirements asking for too much content for our manufacturers, LED difficult because of high prices into family, if you follow the previous standard price will be higher. “Said an LED lamp factory technical director.

“We usually do not produce meet the national standard products, but if the customer is tender, we can do, but the price will be higher.” Another LED lamp factory owner said, this standard government tender outside, rarely involved.

Learned that the reporter visited a number of enterprises in Guangzhou  LED lighting director of corporate technology more attention, GB and landmarks, landmark, landmarks “landing”, more in line with the actual situation of the Guangzhou local LED development. National standard related to the development of the department’s point of view, by contrast, they think GB is the minimum standard of the industry, but a landmark in Guangzhou also lower than the national standard, it is unreasonable.

However, the survey see the solicitation of the Ministry of Industry and shown considerable enthusiasm, in particular, a number of above-scale enterprises and technical personnel, have expressed their willingness to participate in the activities, to express their LED lighting standards formulated views. They believe that the amendments to the lighting standards, at least, the countries have begun to pay attention to an important signal of the LED industry and market standardization, LED bulb market good and bad With reference to national standards, but the influence of the standards to be improved.

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