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This Article Describes The Technical Difficulties And Focus Of The LED Mining Lamp In The Design And Development Of Each Process Segment

By: DeRun   Views:5066   Date: 07/04-2013

This article describes the technical difficulties and focus of the LED mining lamp in the design and development of each process segment, led mining lamp to do a detailed analysis, highlighting the advantages and economic benefits of energy saving led mining lamp. So that more consumers familiar led mining lamp lighting product performance, but also convenient lighting designers can also provide some suggestions.

1 Introduction:

The energy consumption of the enterprise, factory lighting energy consumption occupies a certain proportion. If it is a 50,000 square meters workshop, the lighting level of the amount of electricity load is about 400KW, workshop lighting selection, how to energy saving and environmental protection before an important problem of the workshop lighting design staff . You can use the latest LED light source lighting, not only energy saving and environmental protection, and the LED also has the advantages of long life, fast start-up time, optical concentration, in recent years has been well received by the majority of consumers.

LED lighting design key technologies

State-of-the-art technology, quality materials and strong production process applied to a steady stream of research and development of LED lamps, LED light source design with cast to build a solid foundation. Because the same LED lighting applications, products vary greatly, not only in terms of design and performance testing standards policies introduced backwardness has been detected, resulting in a different production structure, performance, and process different than large. At the same time, LED lighting products, has always been a multi-functional factors integration of body, in terms of design is related to many other fields of technology, involving a wide range of.

3 LED mining lamp design example

LED mining lamp research and design, all of which involve a lot of details, we assume that the following are several important events, an analytical discussion, design methods and processes to achieve,

3.1 led mining lamp power select

Mostly old mining lamp 400W or 250W metal halide and high pressure sodium lamp performance comparison of LED lamps and the latest technology, we can see significant differences,

We should consider in the practical application of metal halide and high pressure sodium light fades and the secondary light distribution and other issues, not only in itself luminous efficiency is much lower than 80lm / W, but the reality is often not up to standard 8. The first time we developed mining lamp led power set at 120 watts, lighting effects in line with expectations, more than 50% less energy than traditional lamps.

3.2 LED light source selection

The more well known brands of LED light source on the market: Nichia, Lumileds, Cree, OSRAM, Taiwan wafer manufacturers, Addison and domestic packaging manufacturers also apply the more popular brands.

In order to ensure product quality, reliability, led mining lamp selection of the most well-known CREE light source.

3.3 thermal design of the lamp body:

LED lamps, the shell heat is a big problem. If a 100-watt led white light power conversion efficiency of 80%, then there is a 20-watt energy conversion into heat, if not rule out the heat problem, the LED chip temperature will rise soon, LED light source will overheat and burned out. Led thermal design is our most important technology, the following were combined from the radiator and aluminum plate, to explore led thermal design.

3.3.1 substrate selection

In the application of LED lamps, we need a plurality of LED lights beads soldered to an aluminum substrate. Aluminum plate bearing not only the role of the LED module structure, but also followed LED light output power is growing, the Lu Chi plate heat can also play the LED lamp heat conduction out, so we then select the material must be taken into account structure strength and heat resistance?

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