Home decoration, the flexible soft LED lights with how kind? But I heard LED lights with a long time there will be plastic taste, very worried about the plastic taste because after a considerable per…View More
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LED Spotlights direction 1, the appearance of the building lighting Projection, is nothing more than an area of ??the building is used to control the beam angle, round, and square shape Floodlights,…View More
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LED flexible strip quality depends on the attitude of manufacturers and equipment. To produce high quality LED flexible strip must do to ensure sound management practices and reliable incoming inspec…View More
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The light-emitting diode (LED / Light Emitting Diode) is a light-emitting element made of semiconductor materials, with small size, long life, electricity-saving and fast reaction rate, good shock re…View More
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For LED lighting products, CE certification is to achieve self-declaration by the factory, but for most foreign buyers, third-party certification will be more fairness and reliability. Domestic enter…View More
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Although the downturn in Europe and the United States and other international market demand for LED lamps, LED products in China, with a price advantage in the international market is still good pros…View More
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The beginning of the Year of the Snake, LED lighting industry came to pick up the signal. Seen from the recently held 9th Guangzhou International LED Exhibition 2012 experience the difficulties falli…View More
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2011, the relevant state departments issued a "subway spaces lighting LED lamps technical specifications, detailed procurement specification of the Metro LED lighting, for metro LED lighting has open…View More
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Nguyen chip specifications, the specifications of the machinery parts should also be standardized, LED lamps do quality control from the accessories, Forced current low level of technology manufactur…View More
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Universal access era of LED lighting, LED light standard component of its scientific and normative compatibility of LED lighting products, the Assembly played the popularity of LED products. With the…View More
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