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Home Decoration The Flexible Soft LED Lights With How Kind

By: DeRun   Views:7047   Date: 07/14-2013

Home decoration, the flexible soft LED lights with how kind? But I heard LED lights with a long time there will be plastic taste, very worried about the plastic taste because after a considerable period of time will reduce the appearance or disappearance of? Irradiation objects will cast? Compared to the brightness and energy-saving lamps how? If it is low voltage 12v lights with the best then how many meters? Life how?

For us ordinary users without professional equipment only by the naked eye to detect led lights with good or bad, generally from two aspects:

See LED lights with the cleanliness of the surface. If the LED lights with SMT production process, surface cleanliness is very good, do not see any impurities and stains. Hand soldering process to produce the cottage version of LED lights with the surface regardless of how the cleaning will be residual traces of stains and cleaning the surface of the FPC will be flux and dross residue.

See the lamp beads chip, to ask the manufacturer or the seller.

If you are a decoration company can then Taobao buy one meter samples to be a burn-in test point for some time to see the brightness of the color does not change. I Taobao customers often buy a sample, as are high-volume, quality must be selected.

No odor

Lamp with an outer plastic material, PS or PVC material, but the points of the longer the greater the taste, the LED is sealed in the lamp with the LED generated heat conduction in the plastic material, resulting in the issue of plastic taste. General good lights with flexible not have a big smell.

LED lights certainly suitable for indoor lighting. There is no plastic taste.

Cast causes of

You buy LED color temperature is not good, simple to understand, then you can be considered the color of the light. Low color temperature, then the light shines out of greenish and reddish, and too high a bluish, are not suitable for indoor lighting. Therefore, the color temperature of the interior lighting of the LED lamp is a very important parameter. The LED general definition of color temperature 2700K-4000K warm, 4000K-5000K Natural White, 5000K-6700K for white, warm white and natural white temperature and give people a warm and cozy feel, suitable for use in hotels, hotels and bedroom. The pure white gives a cool refreshing feeling for the office, the living room more lighting (fluorescent lamps in general is more kind of color temperature).

Hot lights with recommended;


The brightness is mainly determined by the power and lumens efficacy (lm / W LED lights with LED lamps of the same wattage, higher luminous efficiency lm / w), the brightness of the higher. General LED lighting luminous efficiency of 70lm / w, 50-60W will be able to more than 100W energy saving lamp brightness.


Whether it is the 12v low voltage or high voltage 220v are used in series-parallel circuit. Such as the 12v low pressure led lights, generally three lamp beads, a resistor in series with 12v, that other parallel to a series-parallel circuit. The advantage is the ability to shunt the every 3 lamp beads voltage is basically stable, normal light lamp beads bad does not affect other lamp beads.

Low voltage 12v light bar are generally a roll of 5 meters, with lights take a long lead to smaller current, pressure drop, for example, the first light bar light when voltage is 12V, the third four meters after the start voltage reduced, getting lower and lower, to 10 meters maybe only 8V voltage, which more so-called light bar to the back of the brightness of the darker. Said, treasurer I buy low-voltage lights with 5 m are recommended by a transformer, not to take too long.


LED lights with temperature is the main reason affecting their life, because the high temperature can cause the light fades to accelerate. However, led lights with whether it is a low-voltage bare board or Epoxy or high voltage bushing outside material is very easy to heat.

Generally light with a look at the length of time you are using for a long time, with narrow light use more dangerous, slower cooling, but you use a relatively short time, won `t be a big problem.

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