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LED Light Source Chip Technology

By: DeRun   Views:6773   Date: 05/18-2013

The traditional LED approach is discrete devices ? MCPCB light source module ? LED lamps: LED light source, mainly because there is no off-the-shelf core source components and the approach taken, not only consuming work time-consuming and costly. In fact, we can “LED light source discrete devices ? MCPCB light source module” into one, integrated LED chips directly on the MCPCB made COB light source module, take the route of the COB light source module ? LED lamps, saves but it will save time and labor, the cost of the device package.

Discrete LED devices, COB light source module in the application can save a package cost of the LED light engine module production costs, and secondary light distribution costs. Lighting system in the same function, the actual calculation can reduce the cost of about 30% of the light source, which is of great significance to promote the application of semiconductor lighting. Performance through rational design and micro-lens molding, COB light source module can effectively avoid the discrete light source device combinations of points of light, glare and other defects; by adding the appropriate combination of red chips, does not significantly reduce the light source efficiency and under the premise of life, and effectively improve the color rendering properties of light sources. On application, COB light source module allows the installation of the lighting plant production simpler and more convenient and effective to reduce the cost of application.

In production, the existing technology and equipment can fully support the COB light source module in a high yield large-scale manufacturing. With the expansion of the LED lighting market, lighting demand rapid growth, we can according to different lighting application requirements, and gradually form a series COB light source module mainstream products for mass production.
COB LED light can do uniform in lamps light distribution can simplify and reduce the optical loss. In the application, the the COB LED lamps can do surface-emitting rather than ordinary LED point light source, due to the reduction of the loss of the brightness of the light distribution, so in theory you can achieve higher luminous efficiency.
COB LED requires the use of more material in the manufacture, such as phosphor and the silica gel, and there is no advantage in terms of cost. In addition the COB LED string and the way in the factory have been fixed, than single grain of high-power LED as free with the quantity and color, adjust the color temperature and electrical parameters.
Impact life and luminous efficiency of LED flat light source (COB flat light source) one of the most important factors is the junction temperature. LED flat light source junction temperature of the (COB planar light source) is the LED flat light source (COB flat light source) integrated LED chip light-emitting layer PN junction temperature, LED junction temperature of the core is to solve the problem of heat dissipation capacity.
Extension photoelectric light engineers summed up the impact of LED flat light source (COB flat light source) junction temperature correlated with the following factors: chip structure, LED chip package thermal resistance, thermal resistance of the secondary cooling (especially lamps thermal resistance), the size of the the radiator thermal conductivity and heat dissipation area, planar light source module and the secondary cooling interface thermal resistance, thermal resistance of the aluminum plate COB flat light source (or ceramic substrate), the structure of the lamp, rated input power size and the use of ambient temperature.

LED flat light source (COB flat light source), the lower the junction temperature, the longer the life. Based on comprehensive consideration of luminous efficiency and lifetime of the LED flat light source module, regardless of power, the best way is to control the junction temperature of the LED flat light source below 60 ?. Solve the heat dissipation capacity is to reduce junction temperature, reduce the temperature rise:
1.Improve the electro-optical conversion efficiency of the LED chip to make as much input power into light energy.
2.To reduce the the LED chip peripheral heat lamps execution barrier, thereby improving the heat dissipation capability of the LED chip and the external lamps.
3.The lamps reasonable space design, shell materials and COB flat light source substrate material selection, which aims to reduce the thermal resistance of the LED flat light source (COB flat light source).
COB’s English name is Chip On Board, divided into small chip integration and large chip integration, mainly used in lighting products above.

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