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LED Products In China With A Price Advantage In The International Market Is Still Good Prospects For Development

By: DeRun   Views:5203   Date: 06/28-2013

Although the downturn in Europe and the United States and other international market demand for LED lamps, LED products in China, with a price advantage in the international market is still good prospects for development, it is expected that in 2013 China’s LED lamps exports will maintain a nearly three-year growth rate of about 30%.

Main products from the point of view, China’s exports or packaging and application aspects of the product after the early fumble, the domestic LED lighting companies in the international market is very active, and there had been some outstanding enterprises, export countries, while the United States Germany, Britain, the Netherlands and South Africa, and the Middle East and other countries and regions.

Last year, China’s LED lamps substantial increase in exports
2010 to 2012, exports of LED lamps in China every year to grow more than 30%, the export price is also greatly improved year after year. In 2012, China’s LED lamps exports reached $ 5.87 billion, exports grew 30.52 percent, the number of export lamps reach 487 million units, still showed a rapid growth.

Another reason is to promote the rapid growth of China’s LED exports foreign markets an acceptable level of environmental awareness, many foreign markets, there have been a large number of LED home lighting as the main light source (LED). In addition, compared with China, the overseas market price higher profits and more lucrative, and the amount of the recovery period is also shorter.

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