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Metro LED Lighting Has Opened The Road To Standardization

By: DeRun   Views:7008   Date: 06/26-2013

2011, the relevant state departments issued a “subway spaces lighting LED lamps technical specifications, detailed procurement specification of the Metro LED lighting, for metro LED lighting has opened the road to standardization.

“Taking into account the diversity of needs of the subway lighting, LED is undoubtedly the best choice for underground lighting, energy-saving, stable, durability has incomparable advantages of traditional lamps, and LED seismic feature is ideal for subway operator environment. “an official of the Shenzhen Metro Line 2 hydropower engineer told reporters.

Problems subway lighting systems, LED provide a novel structure, long service life, energy-saving effect, high reliability subway lighting solutions. “The official said.

It is understood that the Shenzhen Metro Line 2 total length of about 33 kilometers, all the underground lines, a total of 29 sites, including the transfer station 9, LED lamps procurement number about 25,500 sets.

The project consists of the Shanghai Sansi Technology Development Corporation construction, the entire lighting system with dimming control, easy to work in different periods with different brightness to get better energy efficiency and longer life.

According to a press survey, the number of subway about 48, while 28 City Subway is being built. Existing domestic subway network, Shenzhen Metro, for example, in addition to the 2nd Line LED lighting, and the rest use more traditional lighting, subway lighting LED market potential can be described as enormous.

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